Jake Johnson Says Cancelled HBO Max Show Is Still Moving Forward In Appreciative And Hopeful Update

HBO Max is in the midst of a serious transition period ahead of its merger with Discovery+. Warner Bros. As part of the preparation process, the service has been cancelling shows and ultimately removing them from the platform. The latest show to suffer this fate is The Minx, the critically acclaimed period comedy that was renewed by the streamer earlier this year. It’s a move that’s surely viewed as disappointing by fans, especially since the show was reportedly almost done shooting its second season. However, cast member Jake Johnson – in an appreciative and hopeful social media post – says the axed show isn't finished just yet.

Jake Johnson shared a post on Instagram, in which he opened up about the comedy series’ current status. The actor confirmed that the cast and crew are indeed almost done filming Season 2 and confirmed that work will continue. He also revealed what he knows about the plans for the future right now: 

We’ve been removed from HBOMax but we’re still finishing the season. So thankfully they didn’t halt production. We’re about a week away from being finished shooting. From what I am hearing S1 & S2 (and hopefully S3) will find a new home, the question is where.

So this may not be the end of the show after all. The decision to keep production going bodes well for the Ellen Rapoport-created program. Of course, there is the question of what company would pick it up if it is indeed being shopped around. That’s definitely something to think about but, at this point, viewers are probably just glad to hear this bit of optimistic news from one of the stars.

Minx is set in the 1970s and focuses on Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovibond), a young feminist living in Los Angeles. Set on creating the first erotic magazine for women, Prigger teams up with a small-time porn publisher named Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson) to make her dream a reality. And from there, the two navigate the industry and form unexpected but endearing connections along the way. The series received praise upon its debut, with many highlighting the writing and performances of its lead actors. In his post, Johnson hyped up the work that  the cast and crew put in for Season 2, before thanking fans for their support:

The crew really killed it this season. @blakemcclure crushed as DP. The set design/wardrobe/everything. It was truly impressive & worth watching. I am eager to find a new platform for these episodes. We appreciate all the online support. We love making the show and hope to continue to. It’s a crazy business & that’s partly what’s so [addictive] about it.

The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse actor closed out his message by expressing hope that he and his cohorts will “have good news to share soon.” He also shared a funny behind-the-scenes photo of himself and co-star Ophelia Lovibond. Check it out:

All the while, many remain concerned regarding the fates of other pieces of content on the streaming service. HBO Max originals like The Gordita Chronicles have been removed, and even recently cancelled prestige series Westworld is set to be scrubbed from the streamer entirely. There’s no telling what will remain when the HBO/Discovery+ hybrid service (which will allegedly be called Max). It’ll be interesting to see if Minx as well as other cancelled shows find new homes within the streaming sphere.

Minx may no longer be available with an HBO Max subscription, but keep your eyes peeled to find out whether it ends up somewhere on the 2023 TV schedule.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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