Jamie Dornan Is Jumping From Belfast Into An Action Movie, And He’ll Have Some Help From Gal Gadot

Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot
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Jamie Dornan has had an incredibly successful career, and 2021 was a particularly big year for him. He’s been receiving rave reviews for his performance in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast and, just recently, he even scored a billboard on the Sunset Strip (though likely not the way he would've thought). He’s starred in historical dramas like Marie Antoinette, a comedy in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar and of course the steamy Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Now, following his work in Branagh’s acclaimed drama, he’s preparing to jump into an action movie. And he’ll have help from none other than Gal Gadot!

The Irish actor is set to join the Wonder Woman star in international spy thriller Heart of Stone, according to Deadline, the film is being directed by Tom Harper, of Peaky Blinders fame, from a screenplay written by Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder. The upcoming movie is being produced and distributed by Netflix and Skydance. The streaming giant is reportedly making the film a priority and won the rights during an auction in January 2021. 

Heart of Stone was originally reported to be in the works back in December 2020, though Netflix had yet to come into the picture at that point. The spy flick is shaping up to be another major vehicle for Gal Gadot (who’s reportedly getting a big pay day for it) and is said to be reminiscent of the James Bond and Mission: Impossible movies. Though plot details are scarce, reports indicate that Skydance wants it to launch a multi-film franchise.This would be yet another major franchise under the actress’ belt. At present, she’s not only the lead of the aforementioned DC Comics series (which has a third film coming up), but she also starred in Red Notice, which is also getting the sequel treatment

The starlet is always a delight to watch, but the casting of Jamie Dornan here is particularly intriguing. For some, he may not be the first person that comes to mind when they think of action movies. He does have a couple under his belt, though. He previously led 2016’s The Siege of Jadotville and also played a supporting role in 2018’s Robin Hood. It would honestly be nice to see the star dive deeper into the action genre, as he’s certainly got the chops for it. 

Watching the 39-year-old actor’s career has been quite interesting, since he’s had the privilege of starring in a variety of roles. Though due to his Fifty Shades stint, many viewers did and continue to link him to the character of Christian Grey. He’s also admitted to feeling a bit envious of his friend, new Batman Robert Pattinson, for the success he’s had since the Twilight franchise ended. Nevertheless, it’s been wonderful to see the actor forge his own path and finally get a shot at a true blockbuster.

A tentative release date has yet to be announced for Heart of Stone and, so far, Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot are the only two stars announced for the movie. I’d speculate that more casting moves could be announced in the coming months. While there are still plenty of other details to learn about the spy flick, the prospect of these two actors starring alongside each other in a project like this is exciting in and of itself.

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