Kaley Cuoco Adorably Shares Love For Flight Attendant BFF Zosia Mamet's Birthday (And There Are Minnie Ears Involved)

Cassie texting on her phone in The Flight Attendant
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While traveling in the real world remains a touchy subject given the ongoing pandemic, many TV viewers likely can’t wait to live vicariously through Kaley Cuoco’s Cassie Bowden’s globe-trotting on HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant when it returns for Season 2. The former Big Bang Theory star is always quick to hype her nomination-friendly streaming series, but it’s her co-star and newest BFF Zosia Mamet that received an extra special display of love and affection with a post celebrating Mamet’s 34th birthday.

In the same week that she shared an Instagram Stories video noting Zosia Mamet’s final day of filming for The Flight Attendant’s sophomore season, Kaley Cuoco also showered compliments and other kind words down upon the birthday girl, who turned 34 on February 2. Here’s the photo-filled post on Instagram, which kicks off with the actresses rocking Minnie Mouse ears during a Disney theme park trip.

Kaley Cuoco previously shared other imagery from recent Disney-fied trips with her co-stars, which seems like a solid crowd to go park-hopping with. But it doesn’t take an amusement park to see the adoring kinship flowing openly between her and Zosia Mamet. As much as Annie deals with constant frustrations about Cassie’s unreliable nature, it seems like the actress will always be able to rely on Cuoco for emotional support, and probably roller coasters. 

One doesn’t simply wear matching peanut butter and jelly shirts with shady strangers, after all. It takes a connection. It takes commitment. It takes fruity preserves and trust.  

If I were to put my speculation hat on over or beneath my birthday party hat, I might think that Cuoco’s heightened emotions and rabid Mamet appreciation here recently could be a slight hint that the latter star’s character Annie may not be around beyond Season 2. Nothing like that has been confirmed, obviously, but it does sound a little like Cuoco knows they won’t be working together on this show again. But now I’m putting my optimism hat on top of my other head coverings, and I believe Annie is going to live!

Kaley Cuoco followed up on the birthday post by tossing some love to other members of the cast and crew, and confirmed that filming for Season 2 is concluding. Check out that post and all of its picturesque glory below! 

While not a whole lot of details have been spread around regarding what Season 2 will deliver later this year amidst HBO and HBO Max’s stacked programming slate, no doubt the biggest update involved the casting of Sharon Stone as Cassie’s mother Lisa, who returns to her daughter’s life after being estranged due to alcoholism factors. Can’t wait to see how that complicates things for all involved.

The Flight Attendant doesn’t currently have a Season 2 premiere date set in stone, but fans can likely anticipate something more concrete being announced in the near future now that filming is wrapping up. While waiting to hear more, you can rewatch Season 1 now in its entirety on HBO Max, along with all the best streaming shows the service has to offer that don’t star Kaley Cuoco, although be sure and check out her cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s latest season. Then stay tuned to our 2022 TV Premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the horizon.

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