Kaley Cuoco Shares All The Fun They Had On Set As The Flight Attendant Season 2 Wraps

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The Flight Attendant really hit the ground running when it debuted on HBO Max in late 2020. Kaley Cuoco’s first post-The Big Bang Theory series racked up great reviews, lots of fans (it’s absolutely something you should watch if you enjoy Cuoco), and was even nominated for several Emmys and other awards. So, it makes sense that millions of people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 2, and now that it’s getting close to being done with filming, Cuoco has shared all of the fun the cast and crew had on set.

What Did Kaley Cuoco Say About Filming The Flight Attendant Season 2?

Kaley Cuoco is quite active on Instagram, and loves sharing photos of her friends (with co-star Zosia Mamet being a BFF) and family, along with giving fans a good behind-the-scenes look at herself and those she works with on The Flight Attendant. As the show began wrapping on Season 2 a few days ago, Cuoco has been giving everyone a glimpse of how much fun filming was for, apparently, all involved. And, she’s done a very good job of showing instead of telling. Take a look!

Now, I have to say, those first two photos in Cuoco’s post make it seem as though working on The Flight Attendant Season 2 was all meditative moments in fancy rooms with lots of good, natural light. But, as we saw in her post to celebrate the first week of filming, the action really picked up, and her third shot shows her among a jubilant group of co-workers in what appears to be some sort of freight elevator (those are always covered floor to ceiling in padding). And, truth be told, if that is where they are, we can probably all fully rest assured that most of filming was a total blast. I mean, like, who’s ever had this much fun in an elevator?

That’s followed by a series of shots showing how much silliness everybody got up to, including Cuoco and a near-look-alike (who’s also dressed like her) eating what I’m going to guess are Girl Scout cookies in bed, Cuoco giving the camera a double middle-finger during a break in filming, and more. One of my favorites, though, might be the picture of an unidentified sleeping man who’s clearly exhausted, and has had a “Hot Set, Please Do Not Sit” sign placed upon his chest. I also appreciate when no one randomly sits on my torso as I try to nap, so I’m sure he was grateful!

All of this definitely bodes well for the camaraderie on the set of The Flight Attendant, which hopefully means that the new season will be just as much of a thrilling, funny, cohesive ride as the first. We only know a bit about the plot for the new set of episodes, with Cuoco’s Cassie now being a CIA asset after her adventures in Season 1, and she'll still be struggling with alcoholism, despite her resolve to quit drinking.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 also added Sharon Stone to the cast to play Cassie’s estranged mom, so all bets are that fans will love whatever crazy drama there is to come. There’s no return date set for The Flight Attendant just yet, but in the meantime, be sure to see what you can watch right now with the 2022 TV premiere dates

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