Keep Breathing: What To Know About The Netflix Show Before You Watch

Melissa Barrera on Keep Breathing
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When it comes to some of the best survival drama shows out there right now, plenty probably come to mind, from popular dramas like Lost to more recent ones that have truly taken the world by storm, such as the Showtime original, Yellowjackets. But Netflix is getting in on that game with their new limited series as part of the 2022 Netflix release schedule, Keep Breathing. 

For those who want some quick facts as to what this new Netflix series is all about, here are some things you should know.

There Are Six Episodes

Don’t worry about having to devote all of your Saturday to this new limited series, as this Keep Breathing is actually only six episodes.

Each Episode Is Relatively Short

While there are plenty of Netflix shows that tend to reach the hour-long more - or even feature-film length, like Stranger Things recently did, Keep Breathing is not like that, as most of these episodes in the series only range from 30-40 minutes. 

Keep Breathing Stars Melissa Barrera

If you’re wondering as to who stars in this series, the main star is Melissa Barrera. The series revolves around her adventure in the wilderness, and as she's the only survivor, expect to see her on screen quite a bit throughout the series. 

If you’re wondering as to where you might have heard of her before, Melissa Barrera had a starring role in the 2021 musical, In the Heights, and appeared in 2022’s Scream cast -- a role she is set to reprise in Scream 6, according to Deadline.

Other roles in the show include Jeff Wilbusch, Florencia Lozano, Juan Pablo Espinosa, and Austin Stowell.

Keep Breathing Is A Survival Drama With Plenty Of Crazy Moments

As I said before, Keep Breathing is a survival drama that takes place when a young woman wishes to reconnect with her estranged mother. So, in a frantic attempt to see her again, she boards a passenger plane that ends up crash-landing in the Canadian wilderness. Now she has to somehow make it out alive. 

The premise sounds like the basics for any survivalist drama, which reminds me of movies such as A Cry in the Wild or Cast Away, but there are a lot of moments in this show that you wouldn’t expect either, and scenes that will truly have you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails in fear for Liv (Melissa Barrera).

The Show Also Touches On Topics Of Mental Health

While the show is primarily a survival drama, Keep Breathing isn’t afraid to dive into heavier topics, and it touches on instances of mental health in regards to our main character, especially in how she has dealt with childhood trauma, and how it has affected her well into her adulthood. 

You may be wondering how a show about trying not to die in the Canadian wilderness could incorporate something as deep as that, but that’s for you to find out when you watch the show. 

What are you looking forward to the most from this 2022 TV release? With an exciting premise and plenty of teeth-chattering moments, Keep Breathing is certainly a great pick for a weekend day watch when you're craving some action. 

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