Kevin Hart Likes Working With Mark Wahlberg On Netflix Movie So Much He Dropped An F-Bomb About It

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg

If you’re anything like me, then certain celebrity bromances just bring you life. Kevin Hart and Jumanji co-star Dwayne Johnson certainly fit that bill, as their friendship is made up of strategically placed digs and social media banter that fuels their insane on screen chemistry. But the Rock may have some competition to be Hart’s ultimate bestie, though, because Mark Wahlberg just entered the chat. Hart and Wahlberg are working on a new Netflix movie together and, apparently, the Borderlands star is having so much fun that he dropped an F-Bomb while talking about the experience.

If there were ever two actors who I’d expect to be BFFs and hit it off pretty much instantly, it would be Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. The two stars have so much in common: they’re both funny as hell, they work out religiously and they both have broods of four children just to start. With all of that in mind, it's kind of crazy that the two are only now working together for the first time.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are currently filming Me Time, a Netflix film about a father who gets some time away from his family and decides to reconnect with an old friend. Hart took a break from filming to express how excited he is about working with Wahlberg, which is where the aforementioned F-Bomb comes in. In a post on his Instagram, Hart had nothing but praise for Wahlberg. You can check out the post for yourself below:

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Kevin Hart’s pumped up caption is accompanied by a photo of the two on set, and it looks like Mark Wahlberg is sharing something on his phone with Hart. The pair look like they've definitely been bonding. Wahlberg even responds in the comments of the post saying, “Likewise buddy, next level.”

While there hasn’t been much about the film released, I’m getting some serious The Hangover vibes from this lone behind-the-scenes still. It looks like Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are in the desert or somewhere off the beaten path, and the typically polished Hart has some seriously dirty white jeans. We already know the film is about two friends who join up for an exciting weekend, and the picture is making me wonder just how wild the pair are going to get in the film; maybe tiger in the bathroom or drug lord in the trunk wild?

Kevin Hart is also acting as producer on Me Time, under his production company HartBeat Productions. Since filming is still in full swing, one would assume that we can expect it to hit Netflix sometime next year, probably in summer or spring at the earliest. Ahead of that, though, Hart certainly has a ton of projects either recently released or in the works. And Mark Wahlberg has also been pretty busy - check him out in the this year's Infinite and the upcoming Uncharted film, in which he stars opposite Tom Holland.

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