Love Is Blind: After The Altar: 9 Thoughts I Had Watching Season 3

It’s been a few months now since the October 2022 release of Love Is Blind Season 3, which kept fans with a Netflix subscription (including Lizzo, who accurately predicted some spoilers) enthralled for several weeks, as we all had a number of intriguing thoughts and very strong feelings watching our new set of couples pair up and try to make relationships work. While we’ve already seen the big moments of the reunion, viewers have now been treated to a look at everyone’s life after those fateful weddings with Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 3.

I watched the three episodes the night they hit the streamer, and I can tell you that I certainly had a lot of thoughts about what we saw. Let’s get into it and see if you share my views on some of the things that happened!

raven on on love is blind after the altar season 3

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Why Are All The Ladies Wearing So Much Makeup?

Alright, I can admit that this is a slight exaggeration, seeing as how Colleen seems to be working a mostly low-key makeup look, even when she and everyone else is all gussied up. But, I mean, wow ladies! You are all clearly very pretty, and we’ve seen most if not all of you either without makeup or with much smaller amounts of it. So, I can’t help but wonder why most of them felt the need to layer it on like this. I’m here for everyone doing what they want with their own bodies, but it just seems unnecessarily excessive. 

raven and zanab on love is blind after the altar season 3

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And Why Is Everyone Basically Blonde Now?

Again, Colleen always had lighter hair, and Raven’s tresses were more honey-colored as well, but not only does her hair seem even brighter than in the regular season, but Nancy and Zanab have definitely gotten into the blonde highlight game. Is this revenge hair or something? Do those who are blonde-adjacent really have more fun? What am I missing with this hair color sea-change?

alexa's dad on love is blind after the altar season 3

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I Was Right, Alexa’s Dad Definitely Hates Brennon

In those original Season 3 episodes, my thought upon listening to what Alexa’s dad had to say about who he wanted his daughter to marry instantly told me that he was not going to be thrilled with Brennon. Her family’s rich and her dad appears to be some kind of tycoon, so he was not going to be happy with Brennon’s decent, normal person salary and his seeming lack of big business ambition.

As we see when both of their families sit down to a holiday dinner in After the Altar, I was correct. It’s clear that Alexa’s dad is unhappy with Brennon and the union, seeing as how he created some awkward moments by “joking” about hating his son-in-law in front of everyone, with Brennon then revealing that he takes digs at him all the time. My thought? Alexa’s dad is hiding his real, not great, feelings about Brennon behind his family’s tendency toward sarcasm.

nancy on love is blind after the altar season 3

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How Did Nancy Think That Hanging Out With Bartise Was A Good Idea?

I was really disappointed to see that Nancy and Bartise had supposedly become “friends” after their nearly disastrous engagement and him saying no to marrying her. And, Nancy clearly had some niggling thoughts about rekindling a relationship of any kind as well, because they’d been hanging out for about a year and she never told her folks. 

At any rate, how could she think it was a good idea to seek friendship from someone who treated her so disrespectfully, and whom she was obviously very hung up on? She did tell the other ladies that one night got kinda sexually heated between them before she stopped the activities, so this seems like yet another selfish move by Bartise to have his single guy cake and eat it too. I’m glad she eventually broke off the friendship and hope she sticks with that decision.

matt and colleen on love is blind after the altar season 3

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Everyone Needs To Leave Colleen And Matt Alone

I get that a married couple not living together is odd, but I really do think everyone needs to leave Matt and Colleen alone about it. Sure, now that their marriage has hit the one-year mark, and their original reasoning for the separation (not wanting to pay out a bunch of money to break their respective apartment leases just so they can move in together) should no longer be an issue, it makes even less sense. But, we’re not in their marriage and don’t get to dictate how they make it work or why they want to make it work. 

alexa and brennon on love is blind after the altar season 3

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Alexa’s Dress

Wow. I could probably just leave that phrase as it is and it would stand on its own, but here I go with my thoughts on the totally see through, boob and thong-baring dress that Alexa wore to her birthday party. 

First, she did look great. Anyone rocking a look like that needs the ultimate confidence to pull it off without things being even remotely off-putting for everyone around, and she has it in spades. I’m not opposed to this dress in theory. You wanna show your whole ass to your friends? Go for it. My only issue with the look came when Alexa’s dad showed up at the party. There is a whole different level of confidence and I-don’t-give-a-fuck involved when an adult is basically naked on purpose in front of their parent of the opposite gender, live and in person. I. Could. NEVER. But, go on witcha bad self, Alexa. Clearly no one can stop you from doing anything you want.

cole on love is blind after the altar season 3

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Brennon Went A Little Too Hard On Cole, But He Still Has A Point

Never in a million years would I have suspected that Brennon would take such a stand against Cole and his treatment of Zanab, especially a year after she left her fiancé a sobbing mess at the altar. I get that Brennon is trying to stick up for his wife’s good buddy, but he really could have taken it down a few notches, since this wasn’t his relationship to be involved in, and Zanab solved her own problem by dumping Cole anyway.

I will admit that Brennon does have a bit of a point though, as Cole keeps saying he’s trying to be better, but hasn’t detailed how he’s going about that other than “intending to be a better man.” If he’s, say, in therapy and said that, I think it would be all he needs to say to have lots of people view him in a much more generous light.

zanab and cole on love is blind after the altar season 3

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Cole Really Thought He And Zanab Were Going To Date After She Rejected Him At The Wedding?

OK, let’s say that Cole is correct and Zanab lied about his behavior at the altar and during the reunion. If she’s mean enough to make up such horrible lies about you and tell them to most of your friends and family during your wedding ceremony, why would you even want to date that person going forward? Also, if there's truth to her words, why would you think she’d go through all that and want to be anywhere near you after she dumps you? Honestly, I think Cole still has a lot of work to do before he can handle an adult romantic relationship.

sk proposes to raven on love is blind after the altar season 3

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I’m Still Sorta Wondering About This Raven And SK Cheating Situation

The news that Raven and SK split came out back in November, shortly after the reunion revealed that while he had shockingly dissed her during their wedding, they’d started dating again. They seemed very happy, and After the Altar showed them being content enough with where the relationship was for him to propose to Raven again. It was a few months after that proposal that two women claimed on TikTok that he cheated on Raven, which he responded to by saying that they dated during the time the couple was broken up. 

From what Raven said toward the end, though, it seems pretty obvious that she at least believes he was with one or both of those ladies when he shouldn’t have been. It does make me wonder what kind of communication they had as they got back together, but with him springing that dismissal on Raven at the wedding, I do think it’s for the best that they split.

That’s all for now where these couples are concerned, but we’ll likely be able to set our eyes on Love Is Blind Season 4, and see if the dating show can bring the romance back, well before the end of the year. You can watch all three current seasons on Netflix right now.

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