Marry Me Streaming: How To Watch The New Jennifer Lopez Romantic Movie

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Romantic comedy movies are always a win. From the sappiness of love to the hilarities that ensue from the romance, you can always count on a romantic comedy to make you laugh and probably also make you cry. Marry Me is the latest addition to that line-up, starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson

The movie, which is about a pop singer who is set to marry her on-stage partner, but when she discovers that he is having an affair, in the heat of the moment, she chooses to marry a stranger at the wedding/concert. From there, hilarities ensue. 

As part of the 2022 movie releases, Marry Me has come out and my tear ducts are already getting warmed up. Here is how you can see Marry Me streaming.

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me.

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Where Is Marry Me Going To Be Streaming? 

Since its first trailer, Marry Me was slated to premiere on Peacock, the streaming service that is owned by NBC Universal. As mentioned, Marry Me is available to stream right now on Peacock for all to enjoy. 

Stream Marry Me on Peacock. 

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me.

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Will Marry Me Be On Any Other Streaming Platforms? 

Unfortunately, Marry Me will not be dropping on the Netflix 2022 movie schedule or any other streaming platform for that matter any time soon, as this rom-com is a Peacock exclusive. As of February 11, 2022, Marry Me is only available to stream on Peacock. The official website for Marry Me even confirms that Peacock will be the only streaming service carrying the film.  

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me.

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Marry Me Will Also Be In Theaters At The Time Of Its Streaming Release

But, if you don’t want to shell out money for a whole streaming service just to watch one movie, you still have another choice - to see it in theaters. 

While Marry Me has been released on Peacock, you can also go and see it in movie theaters right now. And since it’s coming out during the weekend before Valentine’s Day, now’s the perfect time to take your significant other on a fun date night to go watch Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson fall in love - or just go see it by yourself, no judgment here.

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me.

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If You’ve Already Seen Marry Me…

If you’re here and wondering what to watch or see next after this fun romantic comedy, be sure to check out some of the best romantic comedies of all time. If you thought that Marry Me was fun, wait until you see the hilarities of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, or Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

If you’re looking for some of Jennifer Lopez’s best movies after seeing Marry Me, be sure to watch some of her best rom-coms, since she’s a queen of the genre - one of my personal favorites is What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Lopez has been in the news lately with her own love life and her whirlwind rekindled romance with fellow actor Ben Affleck, so might as well catch up on that too. 

If you were a fan of Owen Wilson’s performance in the movie, check out what the actor has coming up in the next couple of years. Or maybe just watch a supercut of Owen Wilson laughing, because who doesn’t need that in their lives? 

As someone who loves love, admittedly, Marry Me is another entry into the rom-com genre and I for one can’t wait to see what new rom-coms come out not long after this. 

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