After Jennifer Lopez Was Peppered With Ben Affleck Questions, The Marry Me Star Gets In A Great Zinger With Hoda Kotb

The fervor for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance has been steadily growing for months now. It has echoed the fever pitch obsession of the couple’s first go-around in the early 2000s. So, of course, Lopez and Affleck would be questioned about their renewed relationship by everyone from fans to the media. This time, JLO felt the heat as she popped up on NBC’s Today. After getting multiple questions about her beau, the Marry Me star had to get in a great zinger with Hoda Kotb.

Lopez has been dodging those Affleck questions for some time. Of course, the Marry Me star has given fans some breadcrumbs as when she highlighted her renewed romance with Ben Affleck while reflecting on her 2021. After being asked about him for the umpteenth time, Jennifer Lopez decided to flip the tables on the Today Show host. Check out how J. Lo handled herself on the morning show in the Twitter clip below.

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The Today Show host was a good sport. Given Jennifer Lopez and Hoda Kotb’s chemistry, Lopez seemingly had to call out Kotb’s recent relationship news. Because as the journalist held up JLO's cover on People, she tried to block a story about herself that was seen on the corner. Since she just fielded questions about her own relationship with Ben Affleck, Lopez responded by saying,

Why are you trying to block out the corner? Do you not want to talk about your personal stuff? Is that what it is, Hoda?

Of course, the Hustlers star had to shift the heat to her friend for obvious reasons. Hoda Kotb made headlines recently for breaking off their three-year engagement with financier Joel Schiffman. The journalist has remained tight-lipped since making the announcement. So, Kotb and Lopez seemingly agree when it comes to privacy and romantic relationships. Before the friendly zinging between the two friends, Jennifer Lopez responded to the questions about reuniting with Ben Affleck by coyly replying:

We can talk about that backstage if you really want to know. I think what we learned from the last time is love when you’re lucky enough to find it is so sacred and special. You have to hold a little bit of that privately, and that’s what we’ve learned. We’re very happy if that’s what you’re wondering about.

JLO did an excellent job of answering the questions without actually answering the questions. It’s nice to know she and Ben Affleck are taking a different approach this time around compared to the oversaturation of the OG Bennifer era. Moving on with their lives and growing as individuals allowed Jennifer Lopez and Affleck to mature since their first relationship. This made their reunion even sweeter. Treating their rekindled love as “sacred and special” has seemingly been working for them so far.

Of course, Ben Affleck has been on the same page as he has rarely spoken on his reunion with Lopez. Affleck revealed rekindling their romance at this time in his life was more about not sharing everything with the world. That doesn’t mean the Tender Bar star hasn’t gushed about his superstar girlfriend. Now, he’s in a different place after learning from his working experience with Jennifer Lopez on the infamous Gigli.

Despite remaining guarded about their relationship, the reunited couple is rumored to be on the road to an engagement, according to a close source. Right now, it appears Lopez and Affleck are taking things slow. Everything appears harmonious among the couple’s families as the two Jennifer’s – Lopez and Garner – are reportedly growing close over co-parenting with ex-husbands while still dating.

With everything going swimmingly right now, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are making room for romance despite their busy schedules. Outside of their renewed romance, Lopez and Affleck have a few projects coming down the pipeline amongst other movies coming out in 2022.   

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