Matt Lucas Is Leaving Great British Bake Off, And Co-Host Noel Fielding’s Response Is Really Sweet

Since 2020, Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding have been partners in crime on Netflix’s The Great British Bake Off. As the show’s co-hosts who handle everything from comforting contestants to giving judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith comedic grief, their duties span a wide berth. Partners in crime for seasons now, this team is unfortunately breaking apart like a dry fondant, as Lucas has announced that he’s left the tent for good after this most recent season, which debuted on Netflix TV schedule and Channel 4 earlier this year. 

In a statement shared on his Instagram, Matt Lucas announced that he has made the decision to hang up his apron with The Great British Bake Off. With other projects like the Sky Max Comedy series Fantasy Football League keeping the presenter busy, something apparently had to give. Here’s the full text of Lucas’s announcement, posted on social media: 

Like any true friend, Noel Fielding responded to the news with a truly sweet message. Posting in the comments of his friend and fellow comedian’s post, the Mighty Boosh star shared some memories, and heaped praise on his now-departing co-host. Fielding’s remarks were printed, as follows:  

Totally respect your decision matt ! But I will miss your spark in the tent and I will miss you channeling other characters at the drop of a hat like your brilliant Boris Johnson. I will miss your big smile and your sense of fun and silliness. I will miss our writing days in that ridiculous room with the high ceilings and I will miss us giggling like naughty school boys when Paul say “Eggy “ in his Scouse accent. You were so lovely to work with and so kind to the bakers. Have fun on your next adventure and remember “ It’s all about the show stopper “ x x x Was a pleasure for me to work with such a wonderful comic talent and a lovely man to boot xx Look forward to your next adventures as a friend and a fan x

The latest shake-up for The Great British Bake Off sees presenter Noel Fielding still standing after coming on board as one of the first replacement presenters in Series 8. After three seasons a piece with co-presenters Sandi Toksvig and Matt Lucas, the show will no be looking for another prankster to join in on the cheek that makes up the rather interesting behind-the-scenes Bake Off environment the Channel 4/Netflix show has always been known for.

While the team is changing, surely the usual controversies and surprises will still continue to make things interesting. Everything, from airing Johnny Depp adverts during the broadcast to a story involving judge Prue Leith’s memoirs, has kept the show in the news, and that’s all aside from the competition itself. 

Though the lineup may continue to evolve, the beautiful competition that makes The Great British Bake Off one of the best reality shows on the air is still at the heart of it all. It’s sad that Matt Lucas is leaving, as he and Noel Fielding had a chemistry that really sparked when it came to mischievous comedy. But that just means there’s room for someone new to set a different tone that compliments Fielding’s energy, while also defining a new chapter in Bake Off history.

Anyone who’s in a sentimental mood can revisit Series 13 of The Great British Bake Off, which is currently streaming in its entirety. Depending on what region you’re in, a Netflix subscription may be the key to getting in on this sweet action. Just make sure not to watch on an empty stomach. 

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