Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What’s Trending On August 12, 2022

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It wasn’t all that long ago that the Joe and Anthony Russo’s The Gray Man was the hottest movie in town with Ryan Gosling sitting atop the Netflix Top 10 for days on end. But the flashy spy thriller with a sequel and spinoff on the way has been passed up by another Gosling pic from a director whose influence can be felt all through the uber-expensive action flick. The movie — 2016’s The Nice Guys — has been rising through the list of Top Movies and Shows since debuting earlier this week, and on Friday, August 12, 2022, reached its best position yet. Let’s break down where it stands as well as all the other trending titles heading into the weekend.

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - August 12, 2022

After its Netflix debut was pushed back a few weeks, the Tom Holland-led Uncharted adaptation arrived on the scene in early August and has been holding onto the top spot ever since. Heading into the second weekend of the month, the surprisingly successful video game adaptation is once again leading the list of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies, with the smash hit Purple Hearts, action thrill ride The Informer, and the ever-present Sing 2 all in the same spots as yesterday. The only change to the Top Five is the addition of The Nice Guys, which is in its best spot thus far.

  • 1. Uncharted
  • 2. Purple Hearts
  • 3. The Informer
  • 4. Sing 2
  • 5. The Nice Guys
  • 6. Flight
  • 7. The Gray Man
  • 8. Wedding Season
  • 9. Carter
  • 10. The Age of Adaline

The bottom half of the trending movies list is rapidly changing with titles like Flight, The Gray Man, and Wedding Season all falling down a spot. I wonder what changes the weekend has in store for these movies.

Dream in Hell in The Sandman

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Top 10 TV Shows On Netflix In The U.S. - August 12, 2022

The Sandman cometh and looks to be here for good, continuing the trend for 2022 Netflix shows, one that sees a new original series pop up on the list and remain popular for days, and sometimes weeks on end.  Unlike the movies list, the TV ranking has experienced all kinds of changes the past 24 hours, with Locke & Key moving up a spot and the three-part true crime documentary series I Just Killed My Dad dropping one. But there to round out the Top Five are former gold medal winners Virgin River and Stranger Things.

  • 1. The Sandman
  • 2. Locke & Key
  • 3. I Just Killed My Dad
  • 4. Virgin River
  • 5. Stranger Things
  • 6. Riverdale
  • 7. Indian Matchmaking
  • 8. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • 9. Instant Dream Home
  • 10. Keep Breathing

Outside of Riverdale sticking in the Number Six spot, the bottom half of the TV listing is looking like a back-and-forth race where anything can happen.

With another selection of new and popular Netflix titles like the Jamie Foxx vampire movie Day Shift being added to streaming platform today, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we saw some more major shifts over the weekend. But remember, if you want to watch any of these movies and shows, you’ll need a Netflix subscription.

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