Reese Witherspoon Saw Sing 2 In A Movie Theater With A Bunch Of Kids, And It Sounds Like The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Reese Witherspoon in Sing 2 and Home Again trailer
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The new musical sequel Sing 2 has been out in theaters for just a few days now, but apparently star Reese Witherspoon got to experience it in a theater full of children prior to the movie’s release. Speaking to Drew Barrymore on the 2021 movie’s release date, December 22, Reese Witherspoon recalled the experience and it's absolutely adorable: 

I just saw it in a theater with a bunch of little children. I have never been in a movie where I watched kids stand up, sing and dance at every musical number. And there was a little girl that was sitting in front of me in her daddy’s lap and she goes, ‘Go Rosita!’ Oh my god, it was so cute!

While it’s not uncommon for kids to move around or respond to a movie during movie screenings, hearing about kids being so deeply invested like Reese Witherspoon is describing is rarer. I actually went to a kid-filled matinee of Frozen the year it came out and witnessed something similar, so it must happen with musical movies occasionally, but I can confirm when kids are really into a movie and totally in the moment, it's very rewarding.

Regardless, for Witherspoon to be able to witness kids responding to her movie on the big screen must have been pretty special -- particularly given her own kids aren’t littles anymore and she probably has fewer opportunities to be a part of moments like this these days. You can see her joyfully describe the experience via the full clip below.  

The episode of The Drew Barrymore Show in question also saw Drew gushing about how much she loves the Sing franchise. The two are pals outside of the context of the talk show, and earlier this year, Barrymore even commented after Reese used one of her show mugs in her personal life. 

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They’ve known each other since they were 14 or 15 years old, so it’s no wonder that Reese Witherspoon totally asked the talk show host to text her “the minute” she’s seen Sing 2. Barrymore has two younger children of her own, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually did see the movie and text its star afterward. 

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon’s Rosita is not the only memorable character in Sing 2. The actress also shares the marquee with Matthew McConaughey, who plays Buster Moon, as well as Scarlett Johansson’s Ash, Taron Egerton’s Johnny, Tori Kelly’s Meena and many, many more. If you aren’t up on all the major names appearing in the sequel, we have you covered with our Sing 2: voice cast feature. (For example, I didn’t even get into people like  a Parks and Recreation star…)

Sing 2 is officially out for the holiday season, but if you are already looking ahead to next year, be sure to check out our 2022 movie release schedule

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