Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On August 20, 2022

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It seems that Saturday has arrived yet again, and those looking to kick back and enjoy some screen time are probably looking for things to watch. Well, never fear, because the Netflix Top 10 lists are filled with some prime viewing options. Over the past few days, both indexes have been filled with intriguing titles, some of which are exclusive to the streamer. There have, of course, been some changes in the standings over the past 24 hours and, most notably, the TV catalogue has a new No. 1 show. So how about we do ourselves a favor and dive into how things stand on August 20th.

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - August 20, 2022

Look Both Ways is still in first place here, and that’s not too surprising. The romantic dramedy sports a strong cast led by Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez and has been getting relatively positive buzz amongst viewers across social media. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, which you should know about before watching, is still sitting in the second position. The Jamie Foxx-led vampire flick, Day Shift, hasn’t budged either, as it remains in third. The Next 365 Days, a new addition to the list, has taken over No. 4, in what’s a solid start for the sequel to 365 Days: This Day. With that, the movie has pushed back Uncharted, which is one of the best movies on Netflix right now.

Sing 2 currently sits in sixth place after having been a spot higher yesterday. Purple Hearts, which has emotionally wrecked viewers, also moved down a peg and is in seventh. Endless Love took a single step down as well and is now in the eighth spot. Conversely, The Gray Man saw a small bump that puts it at No. 9. Its former spot, tenth place, now belongs to The Informer, which was one place higher on Friday.

  • 1. Look Both Ways
  • 2. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist
  • 3. Day Shift
  • 4. The Next 365 Days
  • 5. Uncharted
  • 6. Sing 2
  • 7. Purple Hearts
  • 8. Endless Love
  • 9. The Gray Man
  • 10. The Informer

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Top 10 TV Shows Netflix In The U.S. - August 20, 2022

The Sandman is definitely amongst the best shows on Netflix and just managed to reclaim its spot at the top of the TV trending list. Its recent ascension from second place can be attributed to the surprise release of a double-length surprise episode on Friday. Newly released miniseries Echoes has debuted at No. 2, which isn’t too shabby. Delightful coming-of-age dramedy Never Have I Ever dropped two spots and is now in third place. Thanks to the release of its second season, The Cuphead Show has joined the list at the No. 4 spot. And yes, Stranger Things is still trending, dropping one spot and landing in fifth place. 

After having moved back a space, High Heat sits in sixth place. It’s followed by new list entry Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star, which debuts in the rankings at No. 7. Virgin River is in the eighth slot, having pushed back from sixth. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which was in third on Friday, saw a significant drop and is currently in ninth place. Locke & Key rounds things out in tenth.

  • 1. The Sandman
  • 2. Echoes
  • 3. Never Have I Ever
  • 4. The Cuphead Show
  • 5. Stranger Things
  • 6. High Heat
  • 7. Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star
  • 8. Virgin River
  • 9. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • 10. Locke & Key

If there’s one trend that can be gathered from today’s standings, it’s that recently released content has really shaken things up. I’m honestly pretty curious as to what things will look like by the time the weekend concludes. We’ll have to see how things shake out on that front but, in the meantime, you can grab yourself a Netflix subscription and check out any of these titles.

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