Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On August 19, 2022

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When it comes to some of the latest and greatest series and movies on Netflix, there are often so many different types of shows that might end up trending, as well as movies, and today’s Netflix Top 10 is the perfect example of how certain films and TV series can switch list positions daily. From popular TV shows such as Never Have I Ever and Stranger Things, to new movies like Look Both Ways and Day Shift, there is such an array of genres to choose from. There are plenty of great movies on Netflix and great TV shows on Netflix, but these are Netflix’s top movies and shows for August 19th, 2022.

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - August 19, 2022

Taking the top spot on the Netflix movies list today is Look Both Ways, starring Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart, which follows her character as she lives two completely different lives, showing just how one decision can truly change your destiny. 

Many entries from August 18th’s Top 10 have returned. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist jumped a spot to number two, while the Jamie Foxx-led vampire flick, Day Shift, fell to number three. The video-game adaptation, Uncharted, remains at number four, as the ever-persistent Sing 2, with its brilliant Sing 2 cast, stays at number five. Romance film, Purple Hearts, remains at six, while Endless Love bumped up a couple of spots to number seven. 

A new addition also joined the list, Inside The Mind Of A Cat, a documentary film that does exactly what you would expect - take a deep dive into the minds of cats and how they work. This took the number eight spot. Rounding out the list is The Informer at number nine, and Netflix’s The Gray Man all the way at number 10.

  • 1. Look Both Ways
  • 2. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist
  • 3. Day Shift
  • 4. Uncharted
  • 5. Sing 2
  • 6. Purple Hearts
  • 7. Endless Love
  • 8. Inside The Mind Of A Cat
  • 9. The Informer
  • 10. The Gray Man

Lord Morpheus in The Sandman

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Top 10 TV Shows Netflix In The U.S. - August 19, 2022 

Taking the top spot of our August 19th list is Never Have I Ever, continuing its rule with the Season 3 premiere. Number two is The Sandman, but jumping all the way up to number three is Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Number four, continuing its long-time appearance in the Netflix Top 10 and continuing to show just how important it is, is Stranger Things. I suppose even now people are still trying to catch up on this show. 

At number five is also a new entry, High Heat, a Mexican drama series that just might end up joining the best international shows that there are out there to watch. At number six is Virgin River, and number seven is Locke & Key, taking a steep drop from its former position at number three. At number eight is Instant Dream Home, and number nine is Riverdale with all its crazy twists. Last but not least, we have the true-crime series, I Just Killed My Dad, in the last spot.

  • 1. Never Have I Ever
  • 2. The Sandman
  • 3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • 4. Stranger Things
  • 5. High Heat
  • 6. Virgin River
  • 7. Locke & Key
  • 8. Instant Dream Home
  • 9. Riverdale
  • 10. I Just Killed My Dad

It’s not that surprising that Look Both Ways has continued to keep that top spot in the Top 10, mainly because Lili Reinhart is just that good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if things start to change soon - specifically, with the latest 365 movie, The Next 365 Days, releasing today, so I’m almost positive that movie is going to be on the list by Monday. If you’re looking to get a Netflix subscription, now is the best time to do it with these great picks. 

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