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Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On July 11, 2022

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Chris Hemsworth just had a big weekend with Thor: Love and Thunder - his latest cinematic outing as the titular Asgardian superhero - making a big strike at the box office. Amidst that record-breaking event, the Australian Marvel movie star is also having a big day on the Netflix Top 10 as one of his earlier, lesser-known dramas has made an impressive debut on the platform’s Top 10 Movies for Monday, July 11, 2022. Let’s see what this flick is, where it lands on the list, and what TV shows are also popular on Netflix (opens in new tab) today in the following breakdown.

Chris Hemsworth in 12 Strong

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - July 11, 2022

While one of the platform’s latest true crime documentaries, Girl in the Picture, is still Number One on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the U.S., and once again followed by animated films The Sea Beast and Sing 2, entering the ranks in fourth place is the Chris Hemsworth-led 12 Strong - based on the true story of the first Special Forces team sent to Afghanistan after 9/11. The 2018 drama usurped fourth place from action-comedy The Man from Toronto, which is now followed by iconic comedy Mean Girls, fun action thriller Wanted, and live-action Batman movie sequel The Dark Knight Rises. Rounding out the bottom are another acclaimed 2018 drama called Leave No Trace and the classic Adam Sandler comedy, 1998’s Big Daddy.

  • 1. Girl in the Picture
  • 2. The Sea Beast
  • 3. Sing 2
  • 4. 12 Strong
  • 5. The Man from Toronto
  • 6. Mean Girls
  • 7. Wanted
  • 8. The Dark Knight Rises
  • 9. Leave No Trace
  • 10. Big Daddy

How to Build a Sex Room scene

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Top 10 TV Shows On Netflix In The U.S. - July 11, 2022

There is also a new title entering the ranks of Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. today called How to Build a Sex Room - an original reality TV series with a title that speaks for itself - which is currently in ninth place below History Channel’s UFO focusers The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch and above teen sports drama All American. However, the top seven slots on the list look pretty identical to yesterday’s placement with Stranger Things still dominating above enduringly popular reality series Alone, non-Marvel or DC superhero TV show The Umbrella Academy, and DC superhero TV show, The Flash. Audiences are also giving themselves a thrill with the coming-of-age, supernatural satire Boo, Bitch, the Spanish-language crime drama The Longest Night, and host William Shatner’s paranormal docuseries The UnXplained.

  • 1. Stranger Things
  • 2. Alone
  • 3. The Umbrella Academy
  • 4. The Flash
  • 5. Boo, Bitch
  • 6. The Longest Night
  • 7. The UnXplained
  • 8. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
  • 9. How to Build a Sex Room
  • 10. All American

It looks like movie lovers can’t get enough of action thrillers, and TV shows about the paranormal are experiencing a spirited surge in popularity on Netflix today. That trend could continue when new Netflix original movies like spy thriller The Gray Man and the series adaptation of Resident Evil drop on the platform soon. However, if audiences end up using their Netflix subscriptions for different reasons, we will be sure to let you know the results in our daily reports.

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