Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On July 10, 2022

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The Netflix Top 10 lists have collectively offered a truly mixed bag of goodies this weekend. Heavy hitters like Stranger Things, Mean Girls and The Dark Knight Rises have ruled the rankings over the past few days. However, things have been shaken up a bit due to the presence of some Netflix originals that arrived this past week. Said productions continue to thrive today amid a few shifts in both lists. So on that note, let’s dive in and see how things are looking on this Sunday afternoon. 

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - July 10, 2022

The Girl in the Picture, one of Netfllix’s newest true crime documentaries, has managed to hold on to the No. 1 spot. The chilling documentary is definitely making an impression, with some social media users even referring to it as “the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.” On a much lighter note, The Sea Beast – a new animated original from the streamer – has moved up to second place from third. The latter now belongs to Sing 2, which was one spot higher yesterday. Fourth place has been taken over by The Man from Toronto, the action comedy that sees Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson go head to head. Yesterday, it was in fifth place, and that slot now belongs to Mean Girls, which has been viral since being added to the service. 

Wanted – the comic book adaptation starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie – has moved into sixth place after sitting in fifth on Saturday. The action flick (whose director has expressed interest in a sequel) has effectively knocked The Dark Knight Rises down one place to seventh. Ben Foster’s Leave No Trace is holding steady at No. 8. as does Adam Sandller’s Big Daddy. The Dave Bautista-led thriller Final Score also stays put in tenth place.

  • 1. The Girl in the Picture
  • 2. The Sea Beast
  • 3. Sing 2
  • 4. The Man from Toronto
  • 5. Mean Girls
  • 6. Wanted
  • 7. The Dark Knight Rises
  • 8. Leave No Trace
  • 9. Big Daddy
  • 10. Final Score

Zoe Colletti and Lana Condor screaming in Boo, Bitch

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Top 10 TV Shows On Netflix In The U.S. - July 10, 2022

First place on the TV list still belongs to Stranger Things, as many are apparently still checking out the final two episodes of Season 4. The closing installments were a lot, to put it lightly, and fans definitely had all the feels while watching Volume 2. History’s adventure reality game show Alone has officially dethroned The Umbrella Academy at the No. 2 spot, and the latter show is now in third place. The Arrowverse’s longest-running show, The Flash, is still in fourth place and has been gaining buzz amid the release of the Season 8 finale. And Boo, Bitch, which features a familiar cast, remains in the fifth position. 

The Longest Night, a Netflix original, has risen to sixth place after a brief stint in eighth (further adding to my assumption that the streamer’s exclusives could see gains). Following it in seventh is The UnXplained, which only moved down one spot. No. 8 belongs to All American, as it’s also shifted back a slot. Another history original, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has joined the list at No. 9, and The Lincoln Lawyer returns to the rankings to take the tenth spot.

  • 1. Stranger Things
  • 2. Alone
  • 3. The Umbrella Academy
  • 4. The Flash
  • 5. Boo, Bitch
  • 6. The Longest Night
  • 7. The UnXplained
  • 8. All American
  • 9. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
  • 10. The Lincoln Lawyer

All in all, there’s been plenty of movement over these past couple of days and, based on how things are going, there’s sure to be more. The other day, he mentioned that I wasn’t sure if any of the service’s originals would hit No. 1 on either list, though I’m starting to change my tune when it comes to The Sea Beast. I should know that you can never underestimate the power of a good animated production. To watch the movie for yourself along with these other titles, pick up a Netflix subscription.

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