Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On May 9, 2022

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The action is getting hotter than ever with the Top 10 Movies on Netflix for May 9, 2022, and I am not just talking about the many great action movies still trending from last week or trending higher since entering the ranks over the weekend. There are also a few reasons to laugh and some reasons to cry (mostly out of inspiration) on the list, and among the platform’s of Top 10 TV shows today, as well. Let’s take a deeper look at what is popular on Netflix in our latest daily breakdown.

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - May 9, 2022

Nostalgia for the ‘90s won over Netflix subscribers once again as U.S. Marshals continues to hold the top rank among the platform’s most popular movies, but fans of more modern action flicks helped Den of Thieves secure the second place spot with the new, original French crime thriller, The Takedown, following right behind. Fans of Netflix’s teen romance dramas also logged on to check out its adaptation of Sarah Dessen’s novel, Along for the Ride, and families gathered around for its animated Marmaduke movie, starring SNL’s Pete Davidson as the titular Great Dane. More mature audiences got a laugh out of returning ranker Happy Gilmore and newcomer Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as well as some good history lessons out of Forrest Gump and 42 - the latter of which re-enters the list today after falling behind over the weekend.

  • 1. U.S. Marshals
  • 2. Den Of Thieves
  • 3. The Takedown
  • 4. Along for the Ride
  • 5. The Gentlemen
  • 6. Happy Gilmore
  • 7. Forrest Gump
  • 8. Marmaduke
  • 9. 42
  • 10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Mike Myers in The Pentaverate

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Top 10 TV Shows On Netflix In The U.S. - May 9, 2022

Hype for the ending of Ozark appears to have won over Netflix subscribers again, as the crime thriller continues to reign supreme among the platform’s Top 10 TV shows in the U.S., but very little remains the same among the titles that rank below it. The mysterious Spanish thriller, Welcome to Eden, climbed to second place after debuting over the weekend, followed by Meltdown: Three Mile Island reclaiming third, as Grace and Frankie (which was in second place almost all of last week) is in fourth place today. Right behind popular reality series Selling Sunset and The Circle is the adorable nature docuseries Wild Babies, and Mike Myers’ latest creation, The Pentaverate, made a modest debut in ninth with Nigerian miniseries Blood Sisters back on the list in tenth.

  • 1. Ozark
  • 2. Welcome To Eden
  • 3. Meltdown: Three Mile Island
  • 4. Grace and Frankie
  • 5. Selling Sunset
  • 6. The Circle
  • 7. Wild Babies
  • 8. Bridgerton
  • 9. The Pentaverate
  • 10. Blood Sisters

With movies like the World War II drama, Operation Mincemeat, and Senior Year with Rebel Wilson coming out soon, will Netflix subscribers crave more thrills or more laughter this week? The same question goes for what will trend on the platform in TV with the series adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer coming out, along with the further seasons of Ukrainian political satire, Servant of the People, starring the Ukraine's real-life president, Volodymyr Zelensky. We will see how popular those titles prove to be soon enough, but be sure to check back for our breakdown of what's on the Netflix Top 10 movies and TV shows tomorrow, too.

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