Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What's Trending On September 13, 2022

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Among the best movies on Netflix, some of the more popular have an element of romance and/or steaminess to them. The same actually goes for some of the best TV shows on Netflix, which is why you will find some steamy feature-length dramas and series appearing on the Netflix Top 10 today — Tuesday, September 13, 2022 — including one that only continues rise up in the ranks. See which is the more popular romance, as well as what else is trending on Netflix Today, in our following daily breakdown below.

The stars of No Limit

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. - September 13, 2022

Queen Latifah and Ludacris’ crime drama End of the Road has yet to reach its end as the Number One title on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the U.S. and is once against followed by Jared Leto’s Spider-Man villain origin story Morbius and Despicable Me 2. However, now coming between the second installment of the hit animated franchise and its 2010 predecessor is the French new Netflix original movie No Limit, while 2000’s Next Friday came closer to joining its 1995 predecessor, but is separated by fellow Illumination Studios sequel, Sing 2, which is now up two spots from yesterday. Down four spots from yesterday, however, is Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart’s Me Time above the revealing new documentary The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 in tenth place, for now.

  • 1. End of the Road
  • 2. Morbius
  • 3. Despicable Me 2
  • 4. No Limit
  • 5. Despicable Me
  • 6. Friday
  • 7. Sing 2
  • 8. Next Friday
  • 9. Me Time
  • 10. The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11

Iñaki Godoy on The Imperfects

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Top 10 TV Shows On Netflix In The U.S. - September 13, 2022

Still kicking butt on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. is the latest and fifth season of Cobra Kai, but the new sci-fi series The Imperfects now stands at Number Two above the hit horror-mystery series Devil in Ohio and Netflix’s hit historical drama, The Crown — which is returning for its own fifth season in November 2022 — still in fourth place. South Korean series Narco-Saints is also still in fifth place, but is now followed by the romantic realty series Dated and Related and the steamy Diary of a Gigolo. A&E’s I Survived a Crime also remans at Number Eight, but is now followed by romantic courtroom drama Partner Track as the smash hit Stranger Things hits the bottom of the list.

  • 1. Cobra Kai
  • 2. The Imperfects
  • 3. Devil in Ohio
  • 4. The Crown
  • 5. Narco-Saints
  • 6. Dated and Related
  • 7. Diary of a Gigolo
  • 8. I Survived a Crime
  • 9. Partner Track
  • 10. Stranger Things

Looking at Netflix’s 2022 TV show schedule should also give you a few ideas of how to use your Netflix subscription in your free time. For instance, for young viewers who cannot get enough of the Despicable Me franchise, a new collection of shorts called Illumination’s Minions & More 1 is dropping on Monday and fans of old school folk rock can watch one of the genre’s greatest bands in the new concert documentary, Travelin’ Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at Royal Albert Hall, when it premieres this Friday. If they happen to make viewers go bananas and rock the Netflix Top 10, we’ll be sure to let you know how well they do when the time comes.

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