On My Block Season 4: How The Series Wrapped Up The Lil' Ricky Saga

Lil' Ricky and Cesar talk on On My Block
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Major spoilers for On My Block Season 4 lie ahead.

After four hilarious and heartfelt seasons, On My Block has reached its conclusion. Monsé, Ruby, Jamal, Cesar and their friends and family from Freeridge have taken their final bow, and the result is ultimately a worthy (and somewhat uneven) send-off for the Netflix dramedy. The final season adds new elements to the show’s mythology, yet it also sought to tie up some loose ends that fans have long wanted resolved. One of these storylines is the saga revolving around the RollerWorld heist and the elusive Lil’ Ricky, whose shadow has loomed large over the series. Well, the show finally provided some closure on that front, in a way that some fans may not have expected. 

Just to refresh your memory, Lil’ Ricky was the founder of the infamous Santos gang. In the early ‘80s, he and two of his cohorts, Frankie and Benito, stole a massive sum of money from RollerWorld, a local Freeridge establishment, and hid it away. Years later, Jamal, despite his friends’ doubts, embarked on a quest to find it and eventually did, before the cash was reclaimed by the Santos. Still, the man who orchestrated the heist was never seen and was believed to have died like his accomplices. Though it’s later hinted that he’s still among the living and, along the way, fans also learn that he’s the cousin of the eccentric Chivo. So how was the mystery wrapped up in Season 4? Let’s take a look:

Lil’ Ricky Finally Appears, And You Won’t Believe Where He’s Been

That’s right, Lil’ Ricky (or Ricardo Galindo) finally made his debut during the final season of On My Block. The mysterious man came into play while Cesar visited his father Ray at The Farm, a Bakersfield-based rehabilitation center where his dad works. As it so happens, Ricky owns and operates the facility, as the former gang member hopes to lead others out of the violent life he led in his youth.

While Ricky first appears in Ray’s office, asking for his signature, the character formally reveals himself later in the season’s sixth episode. He casually does so while helping Cesar repair his brother Oscar’s beloved car. When Galindo reveals his identity at the end of the conversation, Cesar is left shocked, just as viewers likely are. But this wouldn’t be the final time fans would get to see the character.

How Lil’ Ricky Meets The Rest Of The Freeridge Gang

Cesar eventually makes his way back to Freeridge to scatter his brother’s ashes, with his friends accompanying him and, during the “ceremony” he reveals that he found Lil’ Ricky. As you’d expect, this leaves Jamal excited and eager to meet the legend he’s been chasing for years. Unfortunately, the overzealous kid doesn’t get the first impression he wanted, as he apparently meets Ricky over Zoom during a drug-induced night. He does, however, get another chance to meet the man behind the myth. 

The “Core Four” meets up with Ricky the following day at Chivo’s house, where Jamal plays 20 (to 100) Questions with him. It’s there that the gang explains how they found the RollerWorld money, which impresses the man. However, what amazes him even more is that the four managed to hold on to their friendship, despite having gone their separate ways for two years. He advises them to hold on to each other, saying that he himself should’ve remained close to his loved ones like Chivo. Ricky eventually heads back to Bakersfield, as the four teens head home, now seemingly stronger than ever.

But What About The RollerWorld Money?

This is actually one of the few loose ends that isn’t resolved by the end of On My Block. As mentioned, the Santos gang reclaimed the money, and a flashback revealed that Ruby and Jamal came into conflict with Cesar over the stash, accusing him of stealing it. Another flashback also shows that Cesar believed Oscar had it. But in the end, none seem to know where it is. 

However, in the final moments of the series finale, Ruby reveals that his recently departed Abuelita (R.I.P.) bequeathed a gift to them, which turns out to be a map leading to the RollerWorld money. It remains to be seen as to whether the Core Four will end up finding the money themselves as, by the end of the series, they’ve made future plans that will take them away from their hometown. But with the upcoming spinoff series Freeridge now in development, there’s a chance the quest may be completed by a new generation of kids. 

The final season of On My Block may not have panned out the way some fans imagined it would, yet it still provided a mostly satisfying final chapter for the show. You can stream all four seasons on Netflix now. And be sure to check out our fall 2021 schedule for more info on the new and returning shows that’ll air during this TV season.

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