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Paramount+ Subscriptions Just Got Really Cheap For A Limited Time, Act Quick To Catch Up On Yellowstone's 1883 And More

James and Margaret Dutton outside on 1883
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Usually on someone's birthday or anniversary, they're the recipient of all the gifts and glory, but that's not so much the case for Paramount+ as it celebrates one full year in its all-encompassing current form. Instead, the streaming service is flipping the gifting joy onto potential customers with a humdinger of a new discount. Of course, that deal is only a temporary one, so don't spend too long polishing your cowboy boots before signing up and taking a wild ride with Yellowstone's now completed (or is it?) 1883 prequel, the just-returning Star Trek: Picard Season 2, and much more! Let's break things down. 

How Much Is Paramount+'s Anniversary Discount?

What better way to celebrate a ONE-year anniversary than by offering introductory prices as low as ONE dollar? For new and returning subscribers, Paramount+ is offering 80% discounts on both of their central plans, so click here (opens in new tab) to choose one now! 

Paramount+'s deal has set its Essential Plan (with limited commercials) for $1 a month for three months, which is an 80% decrease from the traditional $4.99/m fee. Meanwhile its ad-free Premium Plan is available for a $2-per-month discount for the same three-month span, which is a similar 80% discount from the regular monthly price of $9.99.

Basically, those who are cool with watching commercials would be saving around $12 for those three months as compared to normal prices, while anyone opting for the Premium Plan would be saving around $24. Those discounts might not seem like much in the big picture, but when you consider that Paramount+ is already one of the cheaper options when it comes to higher-tier streaming services, it definitely adds up. 

When Will Paramount+'s Discount Expire?

Alas, as we all are aware, birthday celebrations can’t last forever, but Paramount+ is keeping things going for a full week. So at this point, anyone who wants to take advantage of the one-year anniversary deal (using the BIRTHDAY promo code) will need to sign up for a subscription through March 7. So if you’re strapped for money at the moment, but you know that you’re going to be getting a dollar-a-month in the mail for the next three months starting on March 8, you’re going to be out of luck. (Possibly for more than just one reason.) 

What's Available On Paramount+ That Makes It Worth The Price?

With such a diverse array of networks and brandings under its umbrella, Paramount+ truly has something for everyone, and its push for more original programming is only getting bigger and better, thanks in large part to workhorse Taylor Sheridan. Before pinpointing some of the best content Paramount+ has to offer, why not let the service promote itself in the below anniversary celebration video. Check it out!

Going forward, two of the biggest reasons to keep a Paramount+ subscription locked and loaded are Yellowstone spinoffs and Star Trek. Speaking to the former, though Yellowstone may be securely fastened to Paramount Network, the hugely popular neo-western’s expansive universe of spinoffs is exclusive to the streaming service, whereTaylor Sheridan has a gargantuan overall deal. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have already introduced the world to James and Margaret Dutton, albeit with some death and heartbreak attached, and that world is only getting bigger thanks to the impending 1932 spinoff, as well as whatever other yearly historical offshoots Sheridan comes up with in the coming years. And even beyond those, fans can look forward to the 6666 spinoff set at the Texas ranch where Jimmy and Emily were heading to when Yellowstone’s fourth season wrapped.

Speaking of spinoffs and a variety of storytelling expansions, Paramount+ is the ideal spot for Star Trek fans young and old, longtime and new. Patrick Stewart is back in charge on Star Trek: Picard Season 2, while Star Trek: Discovery is in the final stretch of Season 4. And look, more familiar characters will be returning when Strange New Worlds brings episodic storytelling back into the franchise fold. And there’s even more Star Trek goodness ahead, so it’s only getting better. 

Paramount+ is set to have a big 2022 even beyond Starfleet and the Dutton family. This month also marks the premiere of the highly anticipated video game adaptation Halo, as well as the dramatization of The Godfather’s production in The Offer. The service has a massive deal with Trey Parker and Matt Stone for a slew of South Park mini-movies debuting over the next few years, among other exclusive content. Need more reasons to subscribe?

  • Taylor Sheridan’s non-Yellowstone shows, such as Mayor of Kingstown and the newly ordered Sylvester Stallone drama Tulsa King, Billy Bob Thornton’s Land Man, and Zoe Saldaña’s Lioness
  • Kiefer Sutherland’s new spy drama Rabbit Hole 
  • TV series adaptations of Fatal Attraction, Flashdance, The Parallax View, and The Italian Job 
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog TV spinoff
  • The prequel series Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
  • Criminal Minds and Frasier’s revival seasons
  • Over 40,000 TV episodes and hit movies to choose from, live sports, documentaries, news and more

If I kept going, it might go beyond the discount’s expiration. So remember, anyone wanting to take advantage of Paramount+ (opens in new tab)’s big anniversary discount needs to do so before March 7! Promo code: Birthday! Make it so! Make it so! 

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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