Ray Fisher Is Reuniting With Justice League's Zack Snyder And His Reaction Has Fans Hyped

Ray Fisher in Zack Snyder's Justice League
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Actor Ray Fisher’s name is synonymous with his work on Justice League, playing Cyborg in both versions of the infamous blockbuster. And while he’s remained in the public eye thanks to the ongoing situation involving Warner Bros., he’s got another movie project lined up. Fisher is even reuniting with Justice League’s Zack Snyder, and his reaction has fans hyped.

With his time in the DCEU seemingly behind him, filmmaker Zack Snyder has been working on a variety of ultra stylized Netflix movies. The next of these is titled Rebel Moon, which will feature a strong ensemble cast including none other than Cyborg himself, Ray Fisher. Once the news was revealed, Fisher responded with enthusiasm on social media. And fans quickly chimed in, as you can see below.

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Ray Fisher is back in front of the camera, and it looks like he’s thrilled to once again be collaborating with Justice League’s Zack Snyder. While the various actors’ roles have yet to be revealed, smart money says Fisher gets something meaty to work with. After all, the Snyder Cut proved just how much acting chops the 34-year old actor has.

Ray Fisher shared his enthusiasm for Rebel Moon over on his personal Twitter account. He’s extremely active on the social media platform, especially when it comes to all things Justice League, including the ongoing investigation into the reshoots. But this time the news is much happier, as Fisher will be reunited with Zack Snyder for an exciting new streaming project. And fans are equally excited.

Since Ray Fisher is heading to the screen alongside Zack Snyder, fans of their work in Justice League started sounding off in the comments. One fan sent a sweet message of support to the Cyborg icon, which reads:

People that have integrity will be glad to work side by side with a man of principle and character like Ray Fisher. I'm so happy for you, you're a terrific actor and it would be a tragedy for film fans everywhere to not get to see you work in the future.

Indeed, Ray Fisher’s talent was truly showcased throughout the four-hour runtime of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. While much of his backstory and footage was left on the cutting room floor of the theatrical version, the Snyder Cut made him the heart of the movie. And there’s no telling how that collaboration will play out for Rebel Moon. Another supporter posted,

Really happy for you Ray. I’ve got to tell you, from everything I’ve seen from cast members and from Zack himself, it makes me wish I was an actor or in the business just to work with you guys. You all look like you're having fun and most of all seem like decent human beings.

But since the internet is well… the internet, some of the other congratulations coming Ray Fisher’s way have come in the form of memes. Case in point, the always appropriate crying Michael Scott GIF.

While information about Rebel Moon is limited, excitement definitely seems like it’s building online. Zack Snyder has found success with Netflix in projects like Army of the Dead and its spinoff, so there’s a positive momentum behind the upcoming streaming project. And joining Ray Fisher including familiar names like Jena Malone, Charlie Hunnam, and Djimon Hounsou.

Rebel Moon is currently in pre-production and doesn’t have a release date yet. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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