Rejoice, Dear Readers! Bridgerton Season 3 Starts Filming With Cool Video, New Cast Members, And More

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The second season of the Netflix mega-hit, Bridgerton, premiered earlier this year and (rather predictably) took the world by storm once again, this time by following the very slow burn romance between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma. The episodes led many to crown Bridgerton Season 2 their favorite season so far, but now there’s a rival for that title on the horizon. Yes, dear readers, Bridgerton Season 3 is now filming, and the show has released a cool video, info on new cast members, and a lot more!

When Did Bridgerton Season 3 Start Filming And What Have We Seen From It?

It turns out that today is a good day for Bridgerton fans the world over, as Netflix just announced that the cast and crew has assembled and started filming on Bridgerton Season 3! The first bit of joy was brought to us via a video posted to Instagram of a number of our beloved Bridgerton cast members on set and (mostly) getting their hair and makeup done, which should delight everyone. Take a look!

WOOOOO! Alright, you guys, I need to get into this a bit, because the very first thing I noticed was the end of the video, where Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington/Lady Whistledown, appears to now be portraying a Pen who’s gotten a serious glow-up. You go, girl! I’m loving the darker, more sophisticated ‘do, with less poof and more strategically placed curls, not to mention the darker, smokier, come hitherier (it’s a word now; deal with it) makeup. Both seem to signal that Bridgerton Season 3 Pen will (at some point at least) be quite different from the Penelope of old, and considering what she went through in the Bridgerton Season 2 ending, that makes lots of sense.

Now, we were already (slightly) surprised by the reveal that the upcoming season will follow Penelope and Colin’s long-simmering love story, but Netflix’s Tudum site also gave fans a peek at what will happen as Bridgerton’s new episodes unfold with this synopsis:

In the aftermath of Season 2’s Featherington Ball, Penelope is left heartbroken after overhearing Colin say to a group of bachelors that he would never court her. But Penelope is moving away from her crush on Colin and determined to find herself a husband who’ll allow her the independence to continue her work as Lady Whistledown.

YES! But wait, there's more...

But Colin quickly realizes that he’s losing his long-time friend and wants to win her back. He then offers to help Penelope improve her confidence to better attract a proposal. Once Collin’s lessons start to work a little too well, he’ll have to grapple with the possibility that his feelings for Penelope aren’t strictly platonic. Penelope’s falling out with Colin’s little sister Elosie — who will find an unlikely new friend in Season 3 — further complicates the Polin matter.

I gotta say, I’m all for watching Colin finally be forced to recognize how awesome Penelope is, not to mention her taking the terrible things he said about her to those douchey dudes at the ball (which I hope Pen confronts Colin about), giving Colin a metaphorical middle finger and deciding to get over him by getting under someone else! (....Ummm, after she marries said horizontal gentleman, anyway, I should say.) 

While I, and surely many other viewers, can’t wait to see Polin unfold in the new season, it turns out that Bridgerton Season 3 will also welcome several newcomers to the cast. According to Tudum, Daniel Francis (Stay Close) has been brought in to portray Marcus Anderson, a “charismatic” new player on the scene who will intrigue Regency London’s ton. Sam Phillips (The Crown) is playing Lord Debling, an “eccentric” yet likable lord with enough money for pretty much everyone to look well past his oddball interests. And, James Phoon (Wreck) is on tap to play Dankworth, whose “dashing looks” take the lead and help make up for his lack of wit.

Basically, it sounds like the Bridgerton Season 3 will be just as sexy, romantic, emotional, and colorfully delightful as the two previous seasons, and I say bring. It. ON!

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