Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Loves Netflix’s The Adam Project On Its One-Year Anniversary, And Jennifer Garner And Mark Ruffalo Responded

Ryan Reynolds in Netflix's the Adam Project
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Last year Netflix dropped The Adam Project, an original sci-fi action movie directed by Shawn Levy and boasting a trio of big stas in Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Jennifer Garner. The flick tells the story of man who travels back in time to learn about his wife's disappearance with the help of his physicist father (Ruffalo), as well as a 12-year-old version of himself. The time-traveling cinematic adventure was a wild success for the streamer, and as it celebrates its first anniversary, Reynolds revealed why he loves the movie so much, which garnered responses from his A-List co-stars. 

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Adam Project, the Deadpool star took to his Instagram, where he posted a loving tribute to the successful flick. According to Reynolds, he loves the movie the team made because it reminds him of the films he watched as a kid, and the ideas that initially inspired him to get into the acting profession. He wrote:

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Despite sporadic negative takes on the adventure, many critics and audience members had nothing but good things to say about The Adam Project upon release. Some reviewers seemed to prematurely agree with the Red Notice star's mention of nostalgic feelings because they said the film offers "pure blockbuster thrills" with "beautiful family drama" as well as calling it "a fun throwback to '80s sci-fi adventures." Critics also said at the time that they appreciated the throwbacks to the time-travel movies of their childhood, which sounds right in line with Reynolds's sentimental post on the movie's anniversary. He wrote:

One year ago today, #TheAdamProject came out on @netflixfilm. Or as it's more commonly known, '14 Going On 31'. I love this movie because it feels like the kind of film I grew up with. The kind of film that made me dream of doing this job. Working with this incredible cast was unspeakably fun. I'm already on my third film with the great, @slevydirect and I know I speak for both of us when I say this film holds a soft spot in our hearts forever.

The Spirited actor's social media post includes a fun reference to his The Adam Project co-star Jennifer Garner's classic comedy 13 Going On 30, which the actress picked up on. She commented on Reynolds's post with:

14 Going on 31 😂. The best movie experience ever @vancityreynolds @slevydirect @markruffalo @walker.scobell ♥️♥️♥️

In The Adam Project, audiences are treated to a sweet reunion scene between former 13 Going on 30 co-stars Garner and Ruffalo. Real-life imitated art when Ruffalo popped up in the comments section to share his love for his time in the sci-fi family film. He wrote: 

Time traveling with you all? A no-brainer. Great times.

The glowing reception The Adam Project received upon release, the fact the movie hit so many milestones, and how the actors continue to share their love for the time on the set and the finished project will surely give the movie longevity. Maybe this Ryan Reynolds outing may inspire some kids to take up acting or directing, much like the favorite films of the Just Friends star's childhood did for him.

If you still need to watch The Adam Project, there is no time like the present. All you need is a Netflix subscription. For all other movie and entertainment news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend. You can also check out our schedule of 2023 new movie releases to plan your next trip to the cinema.  

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