Seth MacFarlane Shares The Latest Update On The Orville Season 4

The Orville: New Horizons really pulled off some impressive feats with the show's transition from Fox to Hulu, and that upgrade in quality, while paired with its arrival on Disney+, had fans optimistic that Season 4 was a lock. Unfortunately, months have passed since the conclusion of Season 3, with fans still wondering if a new season is on the way, or the House of Mouse effective cancelled the sci-fi series with this extended bubble status. If there’s any positive news to be had, it appears the situation is still being figured out, as creator and star Seth MacFarlane recently shared an update on a new season of The Orville

So the good news is that The Orville: New Horizons has not been canceled. The bad news, as it were, is that Seth MacFarlane himself doesn’t really know enough to share anything more dense or impactful. But at least he remained as hopeful as anyone else in a recent response tweet to a fan wondering about the status of Season 4. Here's how he put it:

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When it comes to TV cancellations, no news is sometimes way better than finding out. Which isn't optimism exactly, but if the space boot fits...

Rumors of The Orville’s demise first hit back in 2020, when it was reported that Hulu had supposedly shot down the prospect of a fourth season ahead of its official return. CinemaBlend spoke with several cast members and crew throughout Season 3's airing, however, with everyone more or less agreeing that it would come down to fan engagement and viewership stats in regard to whether or not another season would happen. Director Jon Cassar added that he felt the show’s move to Disney+ was a positive shift, as it would give even more sci-fi fans access to the series, possibly making the odds of a Season 4 order more likely. Seth MacFarlane expressed the same sentiment, and has long felt that the show is capable of landing a massive audience so long as people take the time to watch. 

Yet, it’s been over three months since the finale of The Orville: New Horizons, and viewers don’t know any more about the future of the series now than they did then. To make matters even more confusing, Season 3 featured a penultimate episode that set the stage for everything that could happen if the series returned for Season 4, but then wrapped with an ep that would absolutely work as an effective series finale if it had to. It seems like the cast and crew aren’t bluffing when they claim they’re as in the dark as fans, so why is it taking so long for a decision to be made behind the scenes? 

If there’s one positive for The Orville: New Horizons Season 4, it’s that Seth MacFarlane and others continue to share their interest in making a new season happen, when and if that day ever comes. Scott Grimes shared with CinemaBlend his continued commitment to working with MacFarlane, which is likely why they’re back together for Peacock’s adaptation of Ted. Hopefully, the rest of the actors will find their way back to the series should Disney give it the green light, but the longer they’re kept in the dark, it’s hard to imagine they’ll just wait and not pursue roles on other shows elsewhere. 

The Orville: New Horizons is available to stream both on Disney+ and with a Hulu subscription, and I’m sure a play on either platform would only help its renewal chances for Season 4. Hopefully, fans will have some sort of answer as to what’s happening with the series before the new year arrives.

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