Sex/Life's Sarah Shahi Signed On For New TV Show, So What Does That Mean For Season 3 On Netflix?

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The Netflix trending hit series, Sex/Life, threw fans some major curveballs with its Season 2 ending. Not only are all of the main characters in very different places with their romantic lives, but the whole Billie/Cooper/Brad triangle was seemingly wrapped up in the finale. While the showrunner has some very intriguing ideas about the potential story for a third season, it hasn’t been renewed yet, and now that star Sarah Shahi has signed on for a new show, what does it mean for Season 3?

What Show Has Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi Signed Onto?

Obviously, the Sex/Life cast member has made her mark in a number of other projects over the years, from Person of Interest to her recent time on dramas like The Rookie and her work as a Black Adam cast member on the big screen. Now, she’s looking to return to ABC, as Deadline reports that she’s signed on to star in and produce the pilot for a possible new series, titled Judgement.

The drama pilot, which comes from Joey Falco (who acted as showrunner on the Charmed reboot), will center on Shahi’s Mia Bahari both 15 years from now as she’s being evaluated for a Supreme Court appointment, and in 2023 while the talented, but sometimes “painfully awkward,” legal eagle works at a distinguished law firm in Washington D.C. 

Apparently, though, this show is planning to be quite soapy, as though Mia’s a star at working on controversial cases, she’s also “caught between two feuding brothers” when it comes to her romantic life. Even better, the future will see the hard-working attorney, who’s now a thriving Appeals Court judge, trying really hard to hide the “dark and painful secrets” that resulted from those chaotic relationships from her Supreme Court investigators, because they could “derail the nomination.”

What Does Sarah Shahi’s New Show Mean For Sex/Life Season 3?

While I am actually thrilled with the idea of Judgement, as it seems like it will take me back to the days of frequently-wild ABC dramas like Desperate Housewives, Scandal, and Revenge, as a Sex/Life viewer I know that everyone who loves her current hit is wondering what her new gig could mean for the yet-to-be-renewed series.

Well, fans will be delighted to know that, should her Netflix show get Season 3 and Judgement get picked up to series, the idea is for Shahi to do both. As the outlet notes, she’d been in talks for the pilot since some time in January, as they had to work out the details around her commitment to Sex/Life. If the new title does end up as a full-fledged television series, however, it will become her first priority in the event that her sexually explicit hit show is also renewed.

As the showrunner noted previously, Shahi’s portrayal of Billie is vital to the success of the series, so it would be hard to go on without her, and it’s likely that they’ll do everything they can to work around her Judgement schedule to be able to continue Billie’s story as planned.

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