We Don't Know If Sex/Life Will Get Season 3, But I'm Definitely Down For The Showrunner’s Idea

If you’re a fan of the Netflix trending hit, Sex/Life, you probably noticed two big things (pun intended) about the Season 2 ending of the sexually charged series. The first, of course, would be that wild full frontal nude scene, while the other would be who our protagonist, Billie, ended up with and how neatly things seemingly wrapped up. The finale could absolutely work as a series ender, and while we still don’t know if the show will get a third season, I’m definitely down for the showrunner’s idea.

What Might Sex/Life Season 3 Be About If Netflix Renews It?

Viewers who’ve tuned in for all of Sex/Life Season 2 and watched how it ended for Billie (played by star Sarah Shahi), Cooper, Sasha, Brad, and everyone else involved in the sexy drama were probably as surprised as I was with where we left all the players as the finale credits rolled. I was probably also not alone in wondering exactly what Season 3 could even be about, considering those last moments. 

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Stacy Rukeyser noted that fans shouldn’t be fooled by the ending, as it wasn’t planned as a series finale at all, and those behind the show have ideas for where it can go next, if they do get another season. Fair warning; her answer does give away some SPOILERS if you haven’t finished the season yet:

Now she’ll be back in that situation again of being a new mom and, even if you’re with impossibly sexy Brad, is there a way to be all parts of yourself at once? And to get everything from one person? It’s that whole Sex/Life dilemma that I think is really interesting. I’m very proud of the coparenting story and the place that we got Billie and Cooper, but who knows what happens there. Co-parenting is not always a smooth straight line, so there are definitely a million directions we could go.

That’s right folks! Not only is Billie totally divorced from Cooper by the end of the second season, she’s standing at the altar with Brad, about to get married to him, when she whispers to her intended that she’s also now pregnant with their kid. On top of that, after Coop hit rock bottom and got arrested, he eventually joined AA, straightened himself out, and now he and Billie are friends who appear to easily co-parent.

Honestly, there has been soooooo much total drama on this show across both seasons that I didn’t really imagine there’d be much more to do with the characters after such a clear-cut ending. Not only do Billie, her ex-husband (who was fixing to propose to his other ex, Emily, by season’s end), and new hubby seem to be finally settled, but Sasha… GASP…even got married herself and looked to be blissfully happy about it. 

As Rukeyser said, though, the current plan is to see what conflicts come from those new states of coupledom/family additions. And, if you’re wondering why she and the writers liked the idea of tying things up in the finale as they did, she added:

I put in the fact that Billie was pregnant at the end for two reasons. One is that it’s a satisfying story point that this was something that was so important to them as a couple and, if you’re going to give them a fairytale ending well, let’s give them everything. But it was also because it was a little bit of a dangling carrot for what the third season could be about.

Look, I’ve certainly had my issues with the show over the years, and had a whole list of things I wanted Sex/Life to do better with in its sophomore outing, but I will say, I’m also on board for watching how these folks adjust (or don’t) to their new normal after the past couple of years of naked intrigue, betrayals, twists, and shocking moments. Now all we have to do is wait for Netflix to bite.

Adrienne Jones
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