Stephen King Is Pumped For Manifest's Uncancellation, But Has One Request

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In the midst of 2022 cancellations, one show that got cancelled last year that is preparing to make a big comeback is Manifest. After the plane-oriented drama was saved at Netflix following NBC’s axing, fans have been more than ready for the show to come back, including superfan Stephen King. The legendary author has been known to show his love for the series on social media, but now he has one request while we're learning new details about the fourth and final Manifest season.

Earlier this year, Stephen King and Manifest creator Jeff Rake had a fun exchange that may or may not have included the proposal of a new drinking game. However, recently, on Twitter, it seems like King is now hoping that the upcoming final season of the series actually tweaks its format a little bit. 

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Fans of the show may be pretty familiar with phrases like these at this point. Due to all of the Callings and characters being unsure of what's going on, “Trust me” and “It’s complicated” are definitely said more than enough times on Manifest. King doesn’t sound too serious about his comment here, and he's clearly a fan, so the request is all in good fun. 

Stephen King has been a longtime Manifest fan. Before Netflix saved the series, the author boosted the “Save Manifest” campaign by tweeting the hashtag. With his over six million followers, it definitely put the show on some peoples' radars, though it probably helped that it was Manifest was nearly breaking records at that time.

Following the save, King was quick to update his followers on the renewal news, and since then, he has remained a loyal “Manifester,” tweeting about the show every so often and giving his two cents as to what Season 4 should look like. Since he is such a big fan, maybe he can cameo in an episode or two? Not only would he surely love it, but fans would definitely get a kick out of it. 

As for what will actually be included in the fourth season, Netflix released a sneak peek at Manifest from an upcoming episode during Geeked Week, featuring Michaela following a calling and making a mysterious discovery. Earlier this year, creator Jeff Rake also told fans to “brace” themselves after he posted a picture from a funeral scene. Of course, there wasn’t an indication of whose funeral it was, but it could very likely be Grace’s, as Angelina killed her at the end of the Season 3 finale. It's complicated.

There isn’t any news on when exactly Season 4 will premiere on Netflix's 2022 schedule, but it will be this year and the 20 episodes will be split into two parts. 

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