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Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo Says A Dustin And Steve Spinoff Can Work, On One Condition

Dustin and Steve in Stranger Things.
(Image credit: Netflix)

The highly anticipated and insane-looking fourth season of Netflix’s popular sci-fi series Stranger Things will finally be with us this year. It's been a long time coming, as many have been eager to return to Hawkins, Indiana. While the show is showing no signs of slowing down, you have to wonder if Netflix has any spinoff ideas in mind. It's hard to say, but series star Gaten Matarazzo has shared thoughts on a potential Dustin and Steve series but believes it could only work on one condition. 

When Stranger Things first started, Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, was your typical jock and was pretty unlikable. However, the character has since grown into a fan favorite who hangs out with the core group of kids. He’s had some great moments and has become a great "dad" and babysitter. And of course, his friendship with Dustin Henderson is the best. On that note, Gaten Matarazzo told ET that a Dustin and Steve spinoff could work within a certain format, and now I need it:

I think a Dustin/Steve spinoff would be good if it were in like a weird niche format, like they didn’t do a full show of it, like a WandaVision-type thing or a web series-type thing where on YouTube, there’s like weekly episodes of little hijinks they get into. Every now and again, like a skit show, that would be great. I don’t know if a Dustin and Steve full spinoff is sustainable. What are they going to do for a whole season, just them?

Steve and Dustin’s friendship was definitely a big part of Seasons 2 and 3, and and it added another sweet layer to the series. Given the bond that the two friends have, I can see them getting into plenty of hijinks on a web series. What's so great about their bond is that they're not afraid to geek out in public, and it warms my heart. While a full-fledged show may be a bit of a reach, perhaps it can be a standalone episode somewhere within a future season. Such a thing would be great to see in the long-delayed Season 4.

Speaking of Stranger Things 4, it's currently set to come out this summer, a full three years after the previous season. This one will take place during spring break, but knowing this show, it’s going to be more than just fun in the sun. There will be new characters added to the mix, alongside some returning faces like David Harbour’s Hopper, who seemingly sacrificed himself in Season 3. Not much else is known but, hopefully, more information, including an official release date, is announced soon.

As we wait for those new episodes, fingers crossed that a Dustin and Steve project can also become a reality at some point. I personally wouldn’t mind it if Netflix made a YouTube channel for the duo. But until such a thing happens, check out CinemaBlend’s handy guide to everything you need to know about Season 4 of Stranger Things!

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