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Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp Reveals He And Millie Bobby Brown Had Same Reaction To Final Season Reveal

The main cast of Stranger Things.
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Netflix’s beloved sci-fi series Stranger Things is preparing to drop its long-awaited fourth season (which is being split into two volumes) in just a couple of months. While fans are focused on the new episodes, they also already know that the show is set to end with Season 5. Many were surprised and heartbroken to learn the news, and it turns out members of the cast also had visceral responses to it. This was revealed when Noah Schnapp explained that he, Millie Bobby Brown and co. had the same reaction to hearing about the final season.

Noah Schnapp, who has played Will Byers since the pop culture phenomenon's first season, was recently a guest on The Tonight Show, and Stranger Things’ inevitable conclusion came up. After host Jimmy Fallon congratulated Schnapp on the upcoming fourth and fifth seasons, the star recalled getting weepy alongside Millie Bobby Brown upon seeing the announcement:

They recently posted this letter that they wrote, which I never saw until they posted because they don’t really tell us anything, because they know I’m always spoiling stuff. So they put out this letter, and it’s like, ‘The show’s ending — that’s it. This is the beginning of the end.’ And I read it, and I was just bawling. I was so upset. And I texted Millie, my castmate who plays Eleven, and she was like, ‘You’re crying, too? So am I.’

The Season 4 premiere dates, as well as Season 5 renewal, were announced in February through a viral letter from series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, and it was definitely enough to get fans feeling a way. Considering that Stranger Things has been a massive part of the stars' lives, it's understandable that they'd be emotional. And they weren't the only cast members to be emotional about the news, as Noah Schnapp continued:

And then she texted Gaten, who also plays Dustin. He’s like, ‘I’m crying, too.’ And then we all texted the Duffers and were like, ‘This is so sad. I can’t believe this is over.’ And they’re like, ‘You guys gotta stop texting us. I know it’s over, but we have time left.'

While it’s sad that the sci-fi dramedy is ending, it’s nice that we still have some time before it takes it final bow. The cast is sure to relish their time together as well. I'd wager that shooting those final episodes is going to be incredibly bittersweet for them.

Of course, now one has to wonder if there will be spinoffs of sorts. The idea of follow-ups wouldn’t be too surprising, given the show’s success. Gaten Matarazzo actually discussed the possibility of a much-wanted Dustin and Steve series. While he thinks it could work, he believes it should happen as a web series. Let me be the first to say that I'd love to see more of those two. 

The Duffers first discussed the end of Stranger Things in 2020, mentioning that they knew when the series was going to end, so they've clearly put plenty of though into it. It's exciting to think about how the series might conclude but, more immediately, I'm just ready to see how this latest season plays out, especially for Noah Schnapp's Will and Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven.

The first part of Stranger Things 4 premieres on May 27, while the second will follow on July 1. Be sure you have a Netflix subscription so you can check it out, and also check out this year's other big premieres using CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule.

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