The Flash’s Carlos Valdes Has Landed His Next Big TV Show, And It’ll Return Him To His Musical Roots

Cisco in The Flash Season 7
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For seven seasons, actor Carlos Valdes became a household name for Arrowverse fans as one of the brainiest comic book characters out there, Cisco Ramon. Having popped up across a variety of The CW's DC shows, from Arrow to Legends of Tomorrow to animated series like Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray, Valdes opted to vacate the role in 2021 after years of rumors to dedicate his efforts to other projects. The first was the Watergate miniseries Gaslit, which recently concluded on Starz, and he'll apparently be tapping back into his musical roots for his next follow-up role, which will team him up with former Good Girls star Mae Whitman.

Broadway vet Carlos Valdes has officially joined the cast of Hulu subscribers’ next favorite musical romantic comedy, Up Here. It follows the exhilarating story of a seemingly ordinary couple, Lindsay and Miguel, as they fall deeply in love for one another in New York City as 1999 is coming to a close. Albeit with the caveat that the biggest threat to their relationship is essentially their own selves, with each of their heads filled with troublesome memories and obsessions, not to mention fears and dark fantasies. Since we're in comedy territories, one can assume those memories and fears won't be excessively disturbing, but it's certainly possible.

With Mae Whitman set to portray Lindsay, Valdes will take on the role of Miguel, who is noted as being sensitive and thoughtful, according to Deadline. He’s something of an artist, and has the creative sensibilities to match, while also boasting skills in the way of romance. That said, something within Miguel has always made him feel as if he doesn’t fit in anywhere, which inspires him to go through a complete reinvention in the aftermath of a devastating break-up. In doing so, he squashes his emotions and walks away from an on-the-rise career in the world of video game concept art, only to seek out the financial gains that come with working in investment banking. 

I kind of can’t wait to see what kind of interesting songs are produced surrounding the subject of investment banking. Hopefully there’s something Monty Python-esque about it all, given the UK troupe’s use of chartered accountants to exemplify a boring career. 

As far as the music for the series goes, Carlos Valdes will be in good hands. The actor, who made his Broadway debut in 2013 as part of the acclaimed musical Once, will be singing tunes written by the double EGOT-earning Robert Lopez and his EGO-earning wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the duo behind Frozen and its sequel, Coco, WandaVision’s bops, and more, with the former winning his Tonys for Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. As well, they will be co-writing the screenplay alongside tick, tick…BOOM! and Dear Evan Hansen screenwriter Steven Levenson and former New Girl and My Name Is Earl writer/producer Danielle Sanchez-Witzel. 

It’ll be fun to see Carlos Valdes in another role that’ll presumably let him have a little fun on the screen. To say nothing of his more dramatic skills as Gaslit’s FBI agent Paul Magallanes, but I just miss Cisco’s vibe on TV. (Not necessarily his Vibe character, to be sure, but his overall lightheartedness and puns.) Cisco’s final episode, which served as Season 7’s finale, had him serving a pretty important role for Barry and Iris’ relationship, and thankfully didn’t kill him off. So he could technically return to the Arrowverse at whatever point The Flash inevitably hits its brakes for good. 

Before that happens, though, we’ll likely be seeing Carlos Valdes putting his vocal skills to work when Up Here makes its debut on Hulu. That date is currently unknown, but our 2022 TV premiere schedule will clue you in on everything else hitting the small screen soon.

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