The Roku 4K Streaming Stick Price Is Slashed In Half For Cyber Monday

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If you are someone who spends a lot of time watching movies and TV, while also looking for the best streaming deals out there, then Black Friday is probably one of your favorite days of the year. It is one of the few days of the year besides Amazon Prime Day where you can get incredible deals on a number of different streaming devices like Fire Sticks, Apple TV, Tivo, and others like nobody’s business, but for now we’ll turn our focus to one of the best deals deals on the market: the Roku 4K Streaming Stick.

This workhorse of a streaming device has been a favorite in my home ever since I upgraded from my old Roku 2 after buying a new TV a couple of years ago. It’s fast, has a decent amount of storage space, and comes with all other kinds of bells and whistles like a headphone jack for those late night Netflix binge sessions. My only problem with it is the fact I paid much more for the Roku 4K Streaming Stick than those lucky enough to find this Black Friday deal. 

Details About The Roku 4k Streaming Stick Black Friday Deal

Normally, the Roku 4K Streaming Stick will cost you around $50, which is a great price considering everything that comes packed into such a small package. But during Black Friday, you can pick up this small yet powerful streaming device for $24.98. I cannot even begin to count the hours, days, or even weeks I have spent with this device since then, and I have no major complaints or concerns regarding the product. It’s fast, simple, and loaded with features that are just too good to pass up.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can also get free shipping for your Roku 4K Streaming Stick, which makes a good deal even better.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K with Roku Voice Remote and TV Controls: $49.99 (opens in new tab)

Roku Streaming Stick 4K with Roku Voice Remote and TV Controls: $49.99 $24.98 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

What Streaming Services Are Available On Roku

One thing you won’t have to worry about with the Roku 4K Streaming Stick is finding your favorite streaming services in its app store. If you want to use a Netflix subscription, get the best use out of Disney+, or figure out which version of HBO Max will suit you best, you can do that with Roku. There are a few smaller services that can’t be found on the device, but if you want to catch all the streaming shows on the 2022 fall TV schedule, then this is going to be a good purchase for you.

Plus, using a device like this is going to be the easiest way to watch the bonkers faux biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which you'll find on the Roku Channel. 

Other Roku Devices Marked Down For Black Friday

The Roku 4K Streaming Stick isn’t alone in the savings department on Black Friday, as several other models from Roku are also marked down quite a bit on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The Roku Express is currently $17.99 (normal price is $29.99), a savings of $12, making it a great option if you don’t have a 4K TV or don’t plan on upgrading your set anytime soon.

Buy the Roku Express on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

The Roku Ultra, which includes everything the 4K Streaming Stick, is a great option if you want a more robust streaming device and don’t mind spending a little bit more money. The device, which comes with a lost remote finder (where has this been all my life?), is currently $68.84, more than $30 off its list price of $99.99

Buy the Roku Ultra on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

And then there is the Roku Streambar, which combines a streaming device with a soundbar, creating an all-in-one experience. This device usually carries a price of $129.99, but on Black Friday it’s down to $79.99, a savings of $50.

Buy the Roku Streambar on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

You will need to make haste if you want to get a Roku 4K Streaming Stick or the other devices listed above, as these Black Friday deals won't last long.

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