The Umbrella Academy's First Cast Pic For Final Season Got Fans Emotional, But Everybody's Hair Game Helps Lighten The Mood

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It’s been nearly four years since we were first introduced to the Hargreeves in Netflix’s hit series The Umbrella Academy. In 2022, the streamer gave news of TUA’s fourth and final season, which was both a relief and a disappointment since fans had been hoping for more. Now, just over six months since Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy premiered, production has started on Season 4. While emotions are running high, the cast members' hair is keeping things light.

The official Twitter account for The Umbrella Academy posted a sweet cast photo to share that production has begun. Based on their expressions, it looks like they're feeling the same kind of bittersweetness that fans may be as the final chapter of the journey begins. Take a look:

Knowing that the final season is in production definitely makes the end feel more real and more emotional. Some fans are getting their feelings out now, with one not ready to say goodbye, and I’m sure they are not alone on that:

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but notice some of the stars' hair, which is different from in previous seasons. Although fans are sad that Season 4 is the last season, they can’t help but still be excited for what’s to come, as john_lmfaooo pointed out Allison Hargreeves actress Emmy Raver-Lampman’s hair, which is pretty adorable, while also hoping she gets the ending she deserves:


Not wanting to single anyone out, @soundofdino took a different route and commented on everyone’s appearance, and I can’t say I disagree with them:

everyone looks so good omg🥹

Robert Sheehan, who portrays Klaus Hargreeves, took to Instagram to share his own photo from the start of production, looking as dapper as ever and ready for the beginning of the end. If the looks are on par with what the characters will be wearing, the fans are going to be fed pretty well for Season 4:

Speaking of dapper, user whitewadewilson_ decided to focus on Sheehan's snazzy look rather than mourn the coming end of the popular series. Take a look:

Looking dapper as ever rozzy

Another person chose to embrace the positives of what's ahead, which of course includes one of Sheehan's particular accessories. lilianamoonraven commented:

The hat, yes, i love it. Looking stylish as ever. Can't wait to see what's in store for s4! 💜🩵 smooches.

Justin H. Min, who portrays Ben Hargreeves on the superhero series, decided to just post his name tag from the table read to get fans both hyped and sad about the upcoming season. In a short note to his character, he got ready for one of the first of many lasts on The Umbrella Academy:

In response to the tweet, a fan cleverly used one of Min’s tweets to describe what they were feeling, and it wouldn’t be surprising if others were feeling the same way:

Another fan, @fivefolklore, is taking Justin H. Min’s tweet as a form of betrayal, wondering why he would do that. I just hope that they’ve seen the cast photo because that would be enough to make anyone who is sad about TUA feel better, at least just for a little bit:

justin why would you do this to us

Since production did just start on TUA’s fourth season, it’s safe to say that fans will have to wait a while for it to premiere on Netflix, which could be a good thing. That means more time to come to terms with the show actually ending! It does make me wonder if the different hairstyles will stick or if they will change for filming. Either way, it seems safe to say that they'll look good.

Fingers crossed that we get more behind-the-scenes content as production on Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy continues, even if it will make fans emotional! In the meantime, watch the first three seasons now with a Netflix subscription. Be sure to check out the Netflix 2023 TV schedule to see what is coming to the streamer this year.

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