The Witcher Season 3 Just Wrapped Filming, But What's Happening With Seasons 4 And 5?

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The Witcher came in hot when it debuted in December 2019, becoming a giant success as it delighted many fantasy fans with a Netflix subscription. The second season was similarly filled with a number of exhilarating scenes (Thanks Ciri!), and The Witcher Season 2 ending left fans with lots of questions and major cliffhangers for viewers to mull over during the wait for the next set of episodes. Well, The Witcher Season 3 is due next year and has now finished filming, and we might already know what’s happening with Seasons 4 and 5 of the sword-swinging hit.

What’s Happening With The Witcher Seasons 4 And 5? 

Seeing as how there was a long, unexpected delay between the first and second seasons of The Witcher, fans were quite pleased to hear that writing on the third season was nearly complete a few weeks before Season 2 even debuted on Netflix. That meant that the production was able to hit the ground running early this year, and filming for The Witcher Season 3 began by early April. With that hurdle toward getting the action-packed drama back on our screens cleared, though, it’s natural to wonder about whether or not we’ll be treated to more, and Redanian Intelligence is reporting that not only will we get at least two additional seasons, but that they could film back to back.

Apparently, the outlet’s sources have said that the plan right now is to get both The Witcher Season 4 and Season 5 in the books without much of a wait between filming each season. Luckily, much like with the third season, it sounds like Season 4 is already well in the planning stages, with director Stephen Surjik (who worked on episodes in the second and third seasons) confirming to Brigade Radio One in late April that “the writers and producers have mapped out” the story for a fourth outing. 

If Netflix is already on board with two more seasons of Geralt grunting and being a surrogate dad to Ciri as he gets over his anger at Yennefer while having several intense fights, it makes a lot of sense to plan things far ahead of time and keep those plans somewhat secret for now. As Surjik admitted in his interview, The Witcher is far from an easy series to write and shoot. Not only are the writers trying to accomodate fans of the books on which the show is based, but they’re also attempting to go in their own direction with the stories so that even diehard fans can be surprised.

On top of that, The Witcher is far from a show like This Is Us or even Bridgerton (which scored its own multiple season renewal after its blockbuster freshman outing). Though there’s a strong element of (found) family drama in the series, it’s surrounded by intricate action sequences, lots of special effects, massive casts that need coordinating, and filming in many far flung locales. All these pieces take time and effort to get right. 

Netflix hasn’t confirmed that there will be more of the Henry Cavill-starring hit past Season 3 right now, but with the streamer clearly being all-in on The Witcher world it helped establish, it does make it seem like a two-season renewal could be in the cards. To that end, news of additional seasons might be under wraps now because a more immediate focus is on The Witcher: Blood Origin limited series, which is set to debut later this year and details important events on the Continent 1200 years before what’s seen on The Witcher.

It’s incredibly likely that we’ll get more info on The Witcher Season 3, as well as word on an official renewal for any seasons after that during Netflix’s Tudum event on September 24, as we learned about Season 3 and other franchise offerings during last year’s outing. Until then, it’s good to know that The Witcher Season 3 is well on its way to being ready for fans, and that plans are already in the works for much more. 

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