The Witcher Drops Epic Season 2 Trailer As Netflix Reveals All The Ways Universe Is Expanding

The Witcher fans have been anticipating Season 2 for a while now, and while Netflix has offered up a solid first trailer and other preview breadcrumbs every so often, the stage was set for something more action-packed. Well it has arrived, along with a lot of other amazing news for the Witcher's overall universe on the streaming service. Netflix ended its Con-esque Tudum live streaming event in the most epic and monstrous of ways, with not only The Witcher's latest Season 2 trailer, but two new clips, some big renewal news, and other franchise-expanding announcements.

Obviously the trailer can be seen above, as it bridges the path from The Witcher's first season into all of the dark and creature-filled thrills coming in Season 2. Gotta love a trailer moment that's just a lineup of nightmarish monsters, with Henry Cavill's black-eyed Geralt letting his sword do most of his talking. Not that goblin-gutting is all the show is, of course, but considering how much Cavill reportedly gets paid, it should be at least 33% that.

As if the Season 2 trailer wasn't already enough to get everyone's hearts racing — yes, I'm including all the monsters out there with more than one heart — Netflix also announced that The Witcher has been renewed for Season 3. Which wasn't exactly a worry at this point, considering how much of a building block the first season has been. (The TV series should at least earn as many seasons as there are video games, right?) Still, one never really knows what kinds of decisions happen behind Netflix's closed doors, and it's not outlandish to think that the point of all these multiple spinoffs would be to soften the blow of the flagship series ending prematurely for one reason or another. But no worries. Season 3 is coming!

Speaking of spinoffs, the Tudum event also featured a solid behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming prequel The Witcher: Blood Origins, with showrunner Declan de Barra giving fans a guided tour of some of the sets and locations. Not to mention hints of what's to come from this tale set years before Geralt's rise. Considering how massive that show could be, I wouldn't be surprised if they renewed it for a second season before it even comes out.

Netflix also announced a couple of all-new spinoffs for this ever-growing world. We now know there will be a second anime feature film set within this world, following up on (but not necessarily connected to) The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. And just in case fans thought that their kiddos were unfortunate for missing out on all the fun, the streaming service also shared there will be a new Witcher spinoff that will slot in under the Kids and Family setting. Maybe not meant for preschoolers, but probably something for the tween set. Although by all means, if it takes an Ages 3-5 Witcher series to take down CoComelon, then make it so.

While celebrating all the great news, check out one of the new clips below!

The Witcher Season 2 will finally arrive on Netflix on Friday, December 17, so that everyone can have themselves a bloody good holiday season.

Nick Venable
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