Travis Barker’s Ex Shanna Moakler Makes A Statement As Her Boyfriend Deals With Domestic Violence Charges

While her ex-husband Travis Barker revels in married life with Kourtney Kardashian, Shanna Moakler has been engaged in a relationship of her own. The reality TV vet has been dating Matthew Rondeau on and off since 2020. The two have seemingly been through their share of ups and downs but still seem to be going strong. While Moakler made headlines last year for accusing Kardashian and co. of “destroying” her family, Rondeau now finds himself embroiled in a more serious situation. The model has been charged with domestic violence stemming from an incident involving Moakler, and both are speaking out on the matter.

Matthew Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence back in February after he and Shanna Moakler got into a fight at their home. The incident happened shortly after Rondeau went on an alarming and expletive-filled rant, during which he accused his girlfriend of cheating. (The ordeal was also captured on video.) More recently, TMZ obtained legal documents that confirm that Rondeau has been formally charged with domestic violence, battery and vandalism. Moakler initially declared that she and beau were done after the fight but now says that she intends to stand by her man: 

I’m not pressing charges, I’m hoping the city attorney respects my wishes and drops everything as well. I will be supporting Matthew 100%. This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience we never wish to have been public and we would like to move forward in a positive and peaceful manner.

Shanna Moakler notably broke up with the 30-year-old model around August 2021. He confirmed the news himself, saying that it was “disappointing” that things didn’t work out between the two of them. But by October of that same year, he and Moakler seemed to be back together, based on a post from his Instagram stories that showed them relaxing on a yacht. 

Matthew Rondeau didn’t mince words when he spoke out on the charges he’s currently facing. When breaking his silence, he chastised the “narrative” that’s been formed around him and made an appeal as to why the public’s perception of him at the moment is not accurate:

I haven’t even spoken or made a comment because I am so saddened and disgusted with the narrative the media has portrayed me as. I pray that the city of LA allows me to show them they made the right choice on dropping all charges against me. I am an admirable person, an amazing son, and a very respectable and loving partner.

This isn’t the only time that Matthew Rondeau has been in the news for allegedly being aggressive or expressing jealousy. Earlier this year, he didn’t seem happy about Shanna Moakler’s friendship with Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother. Nevertheless, when Moakler discussed her boyfriend during her BB exit interview with CinemaBlend, she said that they were in a “good place.”

What continues to come of this situation is still anyone’s guess at this point and, given the unpredictable nature of their relationship, some may also be wondering if the two will continue to stand by each other. Though we can’t give a conclusive answer on that front, for the moment, Shanna Moakler seems to be doing all that she can to keep things together.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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