Tyler Perry Dressed Up As 'Madea J. Blige' After The Super Bowl And Had An A+ Post To Accompany The Look

This past weekend’s Super Bowl saw dynamic forces of entertainment converge to put on one hell of an LVI halftime show. Part of that constellation of musical talent was the iconic Mary J. Blige, who helped bring down the house with hits like "Family Affair." Aptly enough, Tyler Perry was so inspired by that act that he dressed Madea up as “Madea J. Blige,” complete with an A+ post to promote the next family affair in Perry’s upcoming movie schedule.

Newly resurrected for the Netflix original A Madea Homecoming, Perry’s pop culture touchstone has been stoking the fires quite effectively as of late. So now’s the time to make a splash, and belt out a tune to celebrate Ms. Simmons’ return. Here’s the photo in question, and the hysterical caption that followed, courtesy of Instagram:

Even without audio to accompany the text, you can practically hear Tyler Perry reading his message in Madea’s voice. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect when the world is about to experience its 11th round with the character. Even if you’ve merely experienced Perry’s creation through seeing the trailer for A Madea Homecoming, you can very easily pick up on the tone and cadence that caption should be read with. In which case, you’re probably still having a bit of a laugh.

A Super Bowl halftime show like the one we experienced this past weekend is something that’s just as impressionable. While some may have criticisms and takeaways from the festivities, something the world seems to be able to agree on is that Mary J. Blige is still amazing. Now that I think of it, this whole conversation brings up an interesting scenario, thanks to Ms. Blige's awesome energy also extending to the world of acting. That is, if Netflix is looking to engage in more Madea films past A Madea Homecoming.

While Madea only plays a cameo role in Perry’s 2008 film I Can Do Bad All by Myself, that very movie also boasts a performance from the acting career of one Mary J. Blige. Most recently spotted in the cast of the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect, Ms. Blige is still active in front of the camera, which only fuels entertaining the possibility of reuniting the worlds of Madea and Miss Mary. If Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs. Brown from Mrs. Brown’s Boys can break down the walls of reality for the Madeaverse, then what limits are left? 

All things are possible through the resurrection of Madea, and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming will have its Netflix debut on February 25th. Don’t forget to periodically check out the full 2022 Netflix movie schedule, as there are bound to be all sorts of surprises dropping from time to time.  

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