Virgin River: 6 Questions We Hope Season 5 Will Answer

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It’s now been a little over two months since we were finally able to witness all that Virgin River Season 4 had in store for us, and, as usual, the show did not disappoint. Not only did we finally find out who shot Jack, but there were plenty of other shockers involving folks in the small town romance, and a big cliffhanger which should make things very interesting for the truly problematic Charmaine in the upcoming set of episodes.

While filming is still ongoing for Virgin River Season 5, and the series likely won’t return until at least the summer of 2023, we’ve now had enough time to reflect on all of the goings on in the most recent season, and definitely have some questions that we would like to see answered when the drama comes back with fresh episodes. Before reading ahead, know that there are SPOILERS aplenty in the article that follows, so plan accordingly if you have yet to finish Season 4!

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Who Is The Father Of Charmaine’s Twins? 

Well, look at that! While lots of viewers were simply annoyed by the fact that no one’s favorite hairdresser is still pregnant, many of us also couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Charmaine was actually carrying Jack’s twins. The final minutes of the Virgin River Season 4 ending confirmed our suspicions, when the panicking woman finally told the preparing papa-to-be and Mel that Jack is not the dad. 

This, of course, leaves us wondering who might be the absentee (though it’s probably not his fault, seeing as how I doubt Charmaine would have said anything to him) baby daddy. We don’t know for sure if the next season will unmask him, but for what it’s worth, my money’s on Mike.

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Why Did Charmaine Keep Lying Once She Saw Jack Was Committed To Mel? 

Aren’t you curious about this one, too? I mean, sure, one could easily say that Charmaine is just super petty and was so angry that Jack dared to never take their situationship to the next level and then dropped her completely for Mel, that she was trying to get revenge. But, there have been some moments when we can see that there’s a bit more to her than that. 

When it became obvious that he and the town’s new nurse practitioner had a solid relationship (they are engaged now, after all), no matter how much trouble good ol’ CharChar caused, why keep this massive ruse going? The fans (and Jack!) deserve an explanation from her next season! 

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Is Vince Finally Out Of Everyone’s Life? 

This guy basically caused as much dangerous trouble as his dead, identical twin brother (Paige’s ex), Wes. Once he realized something probably happened to his mean-as-sin abusive sibling, Vince tracked down Paige’s location, and convinced a supposed friend who was said to be helping her to get Preacher out of the way so Vince could kidnap his nephew, Christopher.

Oh, yeah, and he also shot Jack and framed Brady for the crime.

This all led to a confrontation between the dirty cop, Preach, and Paige, which ended with Vince unconscious (if not actually dead). After four seasons of his evil deeds, I’m really gonna need Season 5 to confirm that the reign of terror from this deadly douche is OVER.

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Are Preacher And Paige Really Going To Have A Romance Now? 

Alright, these two were clearly into each other before she had to go on the run after accidentally killing her ex-husband. Why else would Preach, a long-time bachelor with zero kids, agree to care for young Christopher in her absence? While Paige was in hiding, though, her potential love started to move on in Season 4, with Julia.

Will the upcoming season confirm whether or not Preacher will rekindle his stalled-by-danger romance with Paige? Or, will he continue the horizontal mambo he started with his new lady friend? No, seriously… TELL ME RIGHT NOW!

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Did Jack Accidentally Get Involved In The Illegal Drug Business? 

I have to admit, it was nice to have a surprise like this introduced from out of left field in the fourth season. Poor, deceived Jack was looking to make some extra cash to better afford care for the twins, so he embarked on a rental property business with the help of Nick (who owns/operates the town B&B with his wife). Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of Nick’s money comes from his sister, who controls their family’s finances, and the recent episodes revealed that she is definitely a criminal mastermind who’s at least partially to blame for the illegal drug trade in Virgin River.

Toward the end of the finale, Nick introduced his sibling, Melissa, to Mel and Jack, and this could be a big sign that she’s going to be putting the pressure on Jack to make sure he’s doing more than just renting out an adorably updated Airstream trailer to travelers. The Big Bad of the fifth season has arrived! Speaking of which…

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What Does Nick Know About How Melissa Makes Money For The Family? 

Nick has always seemed like the most normal of the townsfolk on the show, and didn’t even appear to really participate in any of the gossip that tends to go around. We were only now introduced to the fact that he might be kinda a bad guy, so I’m really hoping that the new season will confirm whether or not he knows how Melissa makes their family fortune.

If he’s been hiding a willing-to-let-people-die-for-cash side under an aw-shucks persona all these years, it would certainly be a perfect cover for illegal nonsense. However, he could also be totally in the dark, seeing as how we already know how good these folks are at masking their criminal enterprises with legitimate businesses. Season 5 has to tell me if I need to start hating Nick full time, because I am 100% willing and able!

As noted above, the fifth season will be watchable to all with a Netflix subscription, probably sometime in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, you can revisit Seasons 1-4 or check out several shows like Virgin River to tide you over! 

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