Will Virgin River's Mel And Jack Actually Get Married In Season 5? Here's What The Showrunner Says

mel and jack get engaged on virgin river
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Viewers who enjoy using their Netflix subscription to watch the ever popular drama, Virgin River, tune in for several reasons. The series manages to merge heart-warming, small town stories with crime-drama adjacent action, and deliver a number of shocking twists, like in the Virgin River Season 4 ending, and complicated relationships. Of course, some of those relationships are of a romantic nature, and one thing that fans are now wondering about is whether or not the show’s big couple, Mel and Jack, will actually marry in Virgin River Season 5. If that’s your big question for the upcoming set of episodes, we now know what the showrunner has to say about the potential for those nuptials.

What Virgin River’s Showrunner Said About Mel And Jack Marrying In Season 5

It was clear from the very first episode of Virgin River (way back in 2019!) that Mel and Jack seemed to be destined for each other, even though Mel had been widowed relatively recently and Jack was involved in a situationship with the incredibly problematic Charmaine. So, it’s understandable that fans want, very badly, to see the two marry in Season 5, after finally becoming engaged toward the end of Season 4. TV Line asked showrunner Patrick Sean Smith about the possibility of us watching Mel and Jack walk down the aisle, and he said:

Mel and Jack are such an epic couple that you really want to savor things as much as you can. We don’t want things to ever feel like they’re stalled, but we also want to enjoy [their engagement] while we can. So we’re moving at that pace with all of the things they have ahead of them, anticipating [a wedding] down the road.

Alright, I know that those of you who’d like to view the hitching of Mel to Jack (and vice versa) are probably taking this as a clear sign that their wedding won’t happen in Season 5, but that might not be the case. Let’s remember that Smith and his team are trying to make sure we have some surprises ahead of us when the new episodes hit Netflix, so anything could happen with regards to Mel and Jack getting married.

But, also…we do need to consider how this show works. While the show is heading into its fifth season, it’s now no secret that each season picks up pretty close to where the previous one ended. As viewers are well aware of now, with the Season 4 reveal that Charmaine has only been pregnant for about five months in the timeline of the show (even though her pregnancy was revealed near the end of Season 1), this is a series that’s taking things sloooooooow. 

Like Smith noted during his interview, while they don’t want the action to feel “stalled,” the show’s timeline allows them the ability to give some experiences a lot of breathing room for the characters, as well as the audience, so that we can all revel in the “anticipation” of big events (remember how long it took to find out who shot Jack). And, it’s likely that the show won’t speed ahead just so we can get to Mel and Jack’s wedding at some point during Season 5, particularly when it means that all of the other storylines would also have to move a lot faster.

For now, it’s best that fans just think about how Season 4 ended in exactly the right place, and how exciting it will be to see Jack respond to Charmaine’s big news in Season 5. Until we get the new season, you can revisit the entire series on Netflix, or spend your time watching several shows like Virgin River.

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