With Ben Affleck Raya Drama Cleared Up, Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan Has An Update On Her Micah Situation

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Emma Hernan’s dating history took front and center on Selling Sunset once again in the newly-released fifth season. Most surprisingly, the real estate agent revealed that she had matched with Ben Affleck on the exclusive Raya dating app “right before” what is colloquially known as “Bennifer.” But the timeline was called into question by fans and the actor himself, prompting Hernan to clarify that it actually happened back in 2019. (i.e. before JLo.) With the drama all cleared up, though, the attention now turns toward her Micah situation – which she has an update on as well.

“Micah situation” referring to the cute L.A. property developer who is a client of Emma Hernan. As was seen in Season 5 of Selling Sunset, Hernan was helping him sell his nearly $20 million custom-built McMansion, but we also saw the two get increasingly flirtatious with each other over the course of the show. In fact, the two were (quite literally) staring off into the sunset from the hot tub they were holding hands in during the finale. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the reality star shared that their romance apparently continued off-screen, saying,

Me and Micah definitely have something special. We're definitely still enjoying each other's company.

Micah is no Ben Affleck, that’s for sure. Yet, as Emma Hernan recounted before, she didn’t even want Ben Affleck and summarily denied the supposed advances he made on Raya back in 2019. The Batman star has certainly moved on as well since 2019, as he got engaged for the second time to Grammy-winner Jennifer Lopez earlier this month. And it was apparently a sudsy proposal in their bathtub

Still, it isn’t clear exactly how close is closer for Emma Hernan and Micah. The Selling Sunset alum is bi-coastal, frequently flying on private jets from Boston to L.A. for her empanadas company, while Micah is supposedly based in Texas for the most part. Hernan added to the outlet that it could seemingly go either way – no more serious than a defunct Raya conversation or very serious, indeed. She said,

I've done the long-distance thing for so long that it would be nice to have a relationship where they're in the same, at least, state. Obviously, it's progressed a little bit [from where season 5 ends]. We've become closer. But it's right about there. So, we'll see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?

I think that’s a hint for you, Micah. A ring implies a wedding, and Selling Sunset is 3-0 on showcasing extravagant ones thus far. Just, if you do propose to Emma Hernan, it would probably be best to avoid a big, personal, green diamond engagement ring like JLo’s. There have clearly been too many comparisons already to that situation. But maybe they’ll all laugh about it at each other’s weddings one day?

And, much like Emma Hernan and Micah, the Selling Sunset season ended on another cliffhanger regarding Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship, with the two breaking up over differing baby aspirations. Netflix fans are going to need more answers about how they deal with being exes and co-workers in the aftermath of their breakup, along with a few other things. We’ll keep you posted on that and the other upcoming seasons on our 2022 Netflix TV schedule.

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