Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s Jane Levy Explains How Her Lead Character Will Change In The Holiday Movie

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The ending for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist that fans have wanted since it was axed by NBC in June is very nearly upon us, in the form of a sure-to-be delightful holiday movie on The Roku Channel, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas. The film will see Zoey attempt to give her family a perfect Christmas, as inspired by what her dad would have done, in their first holiday without him, and star Jane Levy has now opened up about how Zoey will change in the new movie.

Across the two-season run of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Zoey’s main struggles were about dealing with the loss of her father, Mitch, and navigating the new (sometimes awesome) power that allowed her to see people’s innermost thoughts and feelings. While both things have certainly changed Zoey a lot already, Jane Levy recently revealed to TV Insider that with her first Christmas season without her dad having arrived, there are even more changes on the way. As Levy said:

… something I thought about a lot was this quote that I heard: ‘Grief is love with no place to go.' And what I really like about the movie is that Zoey is full of love and now she’s starting to realize that she’s going to give that to Max. So much of her pain is losing her dad, her guide. He would just give her love, and now Zoey still is always going to have that love. He’s going to visit her in her dreams and maybe in some other fantastical magic form because the show is a fantasy in many ways. But now she’s also learning to give love, not just expect to receive love. The takeaway from the movie is the bond between her and Max and how the powers have allowed her to be with him finally.

Awwww! So, it sounds like a big change for Zoey now is going to involve her realizing that her family (and possibly Mitch, in particular) has given her everything she needs to be able to fully love Max, and she’s going to have to be able to start doing that without holding back. Of course, this will now be a bit easier than it was on the couple’s first go-round. Not only did Max come to terms with Zoey being able to hear anyone’s heart songs (including his) long ago, but as those who watched the Season 2 finale will know, he now also has the same gift.

Even though Max and Zoey got back together at the end of the second season, this happened right before it was revealed that he’d somehow developed her ability to hear and see all of the hidden singing and dancing that Zoey had been navigating. And, he can totally hear her heart songs now, meaning that this new leg of their romance will be way more balanced than it was the first time around. 

It sounds as though this will, as expected, be a boon for their coupledom, as Jane Levy noted. But, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be disagreements between them, as it also sounds like Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas will show some disparity with how Zoey treats this gift, as opposed to how new heart song-listener Max treats it.

Luckily, we can see how it all turns out when Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas debuts on The Roku Channel on December 1. Fans can also watch both seasons of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on the streaming channel, but for more on new holiday movies and specials, check out our 2021 Christmas movies and TV schedule

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