Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Brought Kevin Hart Into Black Adam’s Promotion, Because Of Course

There’s never a dull day when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are roasting each other, either online or face-to-face. While viewers got their fill from the frequent collaborators’ DC League of Super-Pets promotion, Johnson felt the need to include Hart in some Black Adam promotions. Unlike their Super-Pets promotions, the comedian wasn’t present for the moment. But that didn’t stop his co-star from including him in some way. Falling in line with their usual banter, the Black Adam star hilariously brought Hart into the promotions.

Even Black Adam’s promotion couldn’t escape the Hollywood friends’ jabs. The Black Adam star hopped on his Instagram to let his followers know the DC movie was nearing its theatrical release date. He didn’t want the fun times from Super-Pets to end so he added Hart to some promotion in a unique way. Johnson put up a clip of himself queuing up his Super-Pets co-star to help promote the film. Immediately, hilarity ensues as a miniature Hart seems to disparage the superhero film. Look at the funny video post below to see how the Black Adam star handles his frequent collaborator.

Of course, The Rock laid the smackdown on the wisecracking comedian. The editing and visual effects team deserved an award for timing Johnson’s action to Hart’s fake insults. Even though the comedian wasn’t in the room, it still played into the funny digs the onscreen duo launches at each other all the time.

Playing on the size difference between the two movie stars was also a nice touch. Having a digitally added Hart rock a mini-Black Adam Halloween costume was a top-notch choice. Fans already know the comedic actor is a man of small stature, and the video highlighted that. Knocking down the Hart stand-in was normal after seeing the co-stars slap each other with tortillas. The Jungle Cruise star’s response was on-brand given he was cheekily “annoyed” that his frequent co-star doesn’t give “direct answers.”

The video clip was a nice reminder of Johnson and Hart’s Tom and Jerry-like friendship (no pun intended). Of course, viewers have become used to the movie duo ripping on one another at any opportunity. Johnson will casually troll his Jumanji co-star for assorted reasons, including Hart’s height. But of course, Hart bested him, roasting The Rock on everything from buying his mom her forever home to impersonating his intense workout.

The funny digs led to a conspiracy theory developing about the former WWE star secretly hating Hart. Since then, Johnson has cleared up the rumor while opening up about their real friendship. Hart even revealed the duo keeps doing projects together because they get along well on and offscreen. So, there are bound to be more Johnson-Hart collaborations in the future.

The movie duo is expected to reunite for the second Jumanji sequel once their busy schedules settle down. In the meantime, audiences can watch Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam, which hits theaters on October 21. Once you see the DC film, check into what other big Fall movies are coming out.

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