After Getting Accused Of Secretly Hating Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson Shares The Truth About Their Real Relationship

Since they started promoting DC League of Super-Pets, fans have been treated to the comedy stylings of Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Despite their seemingly chummy behavior, a theory arose online about The Rock and Hart secretly hating each other (despite doing five movies together). Of course, The Rock responded with amusement to the conspiracy, but he wasn’t satisfied with his first response. Now, Jumanji star has shared the truth about their real relationship.

Of course, it's not uncommon for Hollywood team-up projects to be plagued with rumors of dissension between the stars. Yet, Johnson doesn't appear to be here for fans speculating over how real his friendship with Hart is. The former WWE star took to his Instagram account to reassure his followers about the brotherhood between him and his Super-Pets co-star. The Rock clarified the duo’s constant roasting is just part of being longtime friends and co-stars: 

It never ends with my brotha [Kevin Hart]. Over the years with the movies, we’ve done together and the thousands of interviews we’ve done together - we just love fucking with each other and we always make sure we’re having the BEST TIME and it never ends. Love my brotha.

The Rock wanted fans to know their endless jokes are actually the signs of a real friendship. It’s all love between the onscreen duo -- despite any rumors. He also included a clip of himself and Hart displaying their usual friendly banter about being a celebrity pet in the video clip portion of the post, which you can see below.

Where The 'Theory' About Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Hating Each Other Came From

The Rock defending his friendship with Kevin Hart started after The Ross Bolen Podcast threw out a theory that the consistent co-stars secretly hate each other. It was theorized that the constant jokes between the two stars had gone from funny banter to mean-spirited and personal insults. The Twitter post went viral, catching the Jungle Cruise actor’s attention. Of course, Johnson couldn’t help but give a classic response to the podcast’s outlandish theory by joking he and Hart hated each other. 

Perhaps, his comment seemed to feed the beast, which is why he might’ve created the Instagram follow-up post. Honestly though, looking at Kevin Hart and The Rock’s interviews, one could see how their friendly banter could be misconstrued. 

Hart has constantly taken shots at his co-star – whether it’s roasting his Super-Pets costar over buying his mom a house, naming The Rock’s worst movie, or his spot-on impression of the Hobbs and Shaw star working out. Hart hasn’t been the only one getting off shots;  The Rock has teased Hart about giving out crappy birthday gifts and has given him flack for not knowing his dog is named after a Hobbs & Shaw character. Despite the jabs, Hart has also revealed he keeps doing projects with Johnson due to their great onscreen and offscreen relationship.

The onscreen duo will reportedly team up again after DC League of Super-Pets for a third Jumanji movie. In the meantime, there are upcoming movies from The Rock, including Black Adam, to look forward to seeing. Kevin Hart will be seen in Netflix’s Me Time with Mark Wahlberg later this year and in Borderlands debuting in 2023. You can look over our 2022 movie schedule to see what new films are still coming out this year.

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