Watch Kevin Hart And Dwayne Johnson Slap Each Other With Tortillas While Doing A TikTok Challenge

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are at it again, and this time with tortillas. The dynamic duo has had a significant history of ripping on one another in the most entertaining ways. Well, there’s nothing like keeping their growing partnership intact like slapping each other with tortillas in a new TikTok challenge. 

Here’s a fun way to promote teaming up for DC League of Super-Pets: participate in a TikTok challenge so funny that you can’t hold your water. What started as a harmless prank on TikTok turned into a trend that has everyone doing it including the Central Intelligence duo. The challenge involves two people playing rock, paper, scissors with a tortilla in hand and water in their mouths. The loser gets smacked with a tortilla, and both laughing participants need to stop themselves from accidentally spitting out the liquid. The Rock posted a hilarious Instagram video of him and Hart participating in the viral challenge below.

And the game is afoot. The video presents Johnson and Hart first ripping on each other for the “right way” to hold their tortilla weapon. Then with water in both their mouths, rock, paper, scissors followed Hart choosing paper and The Rock choosing…well, rock, of course. After the Fatherhood actor won the round and jumped for joy at the chance to hit his budding co-star with a tortilla, he did just that. But not without laughing. While still with water in his mouth, here was The Rock’s reaction with a straight face:

You slapped the ever-loving shit out of me! I’m coming for you.

In round two of rock, paper, scissors, it was Kevin Hart’s turn to choose rock and Dwayne Johnson picked scissors. Once again the round sended with Johnson getting slapped around via tortilla. As Hart slapped his Jumanji co-star, a different turn of events occurred, where his laughing caused him to spill his water. Does that make the Moana star the winner? No matter what the true result was, the Philadelphia native proved he was a good partner by allowing his vengeful pal to slap him with a tortilla. It's no wonder these two continue making movies together.

This may have been the first time Kevin Hart has slapped Dwayne Johnson with a tortilla, but not the first time that he’s roasted his favorite co-star in other ways. He’s thrown hilarious shade at The Rock about his former wrestling abilities as well as the idea of him buying a house for his mother “a billion dollars later.” Not to mention all of the times Hart’s made fun of Johnson’s action movies

But, the California native has had his roasting moments with his Fast & Furious co-star as well, like when he pranked him on the set of Jumanji with a fake spider or destroyed him with his hilarious impression of him. So, it’s hard to tell who wins in the Hart vs. Johnson roasting competition. But, who cares at this point? The main thing is for these two to keep teaming up in these action-comedy films that have been entertaining audiences for years.

If you want to hear Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart lend their voices as two animated dogs on a mission to save their kidnapped Justice League owners, watch DC League of Super-Pets in theaters on July 29th and on your HBO Max subscription 45 days later.

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