Eternals 2: Could Nomadland’s Frances McDormand Join Chloé Zhao In The MCU? Here’s What The Director Thinks

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While Eternals has received a mixed reception, it is poised to be one of 2021’s biggest box office hits. Hopefully, the film’s success will lead to Marvel producing a sequel for the ensemble film. If a sequel is greenlit, maybe director Chloé Zhao will bring more of the Eternals into the MCU. There might even be a chance of her Nomadland connection to Marvel. Zhao recently spoke on the possibility of Frances McDormand joining the MCU.

The possible scenario of France McDormand joining the MCU came up during an interview for Eternals. Of course, Chloé Zhao would be asked this given she won an Oscar for directing McDormand in Nomadland. While no one has asked the Oscar-winning actress, Zhao may have hinted at the possible idea becoming a reality. The Eternals director responded to the question by saying:

I think she wants to. I think she’s open to it, yeah. I think she’s open to it, I think she’ll want to something really fun. I think she would want to do something unexpected because that’s Fran. She’s always challenging herself.

Chloé Zhao backing up Frances McDormand’s addition to the MCU showed just how close the two women have become. Given her quality acting resume, McDormand has always been down for a challenge. It might be a change of pace for the Oscar winner given the lack of sci-fi and action fare in her lengthy filmography. After Zhao answered the question, the interview took a quick pivot as she was asked if the two had talked. The Nomadland director decided to play coy by replying:

No Comment.

As a prolific actress, Frances McDormand has never played the same character twice. The actress could be an untapped Eternal or another Marvel character. The possibilities are endless. So, having her join the MCU would be a major get for Disney and Marvel. Viewers have already seen other Oscar winners like Lupita Nyong’o, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman playing important roles within the universe. Just imagine all those powerful women coming together for a female-led Marvel film.

Given her connection to Chloé Zhao, the director could probably convince Frances McDormand to sign up for the right role. Zhao’s coy response played into McDormand becoming an MCU star. But given Marvel’s notorious secrecy surrounding their films, neither woman could ever reveal her casting until the official announcement is made. Keep your fingers crossed news of Frances McDormand joining Marvel comes across your timeline someday.

But it might be a while before Chloé Zhao and Frances McDormand have an MCU reunion. Zhao currently has multiple projects in the works, including a sci-fi western Dracula remake. McDormand’s acting schedule is full of multiple projects, including The French Dispatch and The Tragedy of Macbeth. While Marvel fans wait to hear the news, Zhao’s Eternals will arrive in theaters on Nov. 5.

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