Jason Momoa Shares The ‘Problems’ He Has Trying To Go Out In Public Now That He’s Aquaman Famous, And There’s A Ridiculous Scarf Involved

A little over a decade ago, Jason Momoa was popular enough that he would have been recognized by ardent sci-fi fans who tuned in for Stargate: Atlantis. Then, a succession of high-profile gigs starting with playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and currently rolling into a role Momoa trained hard for in Aquaman 2 has made the actor a household name – and one who is very recognizable out in public. (Let's not forget his upcoming Fast X role either.)  Now that he’s DC and even Dune famous, the actor showed off the way he tries to hide in plain sight, and there’s a ridiculous scarf involved. 

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the star of James Wan’s upcoming DC sequel showed off how he tries to hide out while in public. He’s currently touring in Rome and wanted to check out the Spanish Steps, located between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. But when you’re an A-lister, that requires a little bit of creativity as you can see, below.

Jason Momoa shares look at hiding out in public in funny video.

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That scarf though! In the full video footage, Jason Momoa also talks about the “problems” he faces given his height, his notable overall look and his tattoos. Fans are pretty familiar with what he looks like at this point, and it only takes one recognizing him to cause a bit of trouble for the star. He also compared himself to Little Red Riding Hood, noting,

One of the problems with being me is that not only am I 6’5” with brown skin, it’s ‘cause this goddamn thing [points at tattoo on arm] which then I put on my goddamn shirt, and my goddamn pants. It’s not helping! Anyways, I’m trying to bring back the big bad wolf energy, that BBW…

Speaking of the tattoo on his arm, Momoa pointed it out whilst also lamenting about how people know it's him thanks to the tat. He’s a creator as well as an actor and had also mimicked the look of the tattoo on his shirt and pant legs. I know it’s probably warm out, but it kind of has me wondering if he could hide in plain sight better if he just threw on a long-sleeved shirt? I'm just saying...

Jason Momoa shows off tattoo that outs him a lot.

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Meanwhile, Momoa continued to talk on his Instagram about how he felt “like a Jedi” and planned to get himself and his pod onto those Spanish Steps by trying “to hide” with the scarf. All’s seemingly well that ends well, as the group made it onto the steps for a quick snapshot and Momoa even let his hair loose for the moment. 

Jason Momoa and his crew in Rome, Italy.

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Intriguingly, a famous action scene in the first Aquaman movie with Amber Heard is set in Italy, though the DC flick was not ultimately able to film on location there. Originally planning to film in Erice, Sicily, the movie had to recreate the area instead, so it's somewhat fitting the actor is getting the chance to visit the country now.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of clear perks to being a celebrity. For example, Jason Momoa’s social media is often peppered with cool companies sending him free stuff. You get to wear awesome clothes and have experiences very few people on the planet can relate with. In this actor's specific case, Momoa has talked about how he hopes to make the Hollywood scene more accessible to many people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. 

And yet once a person becomes famous in Hollywood, the freedom to just be out among the people gets hampered. I’d imagine that in a cool place like Rome, that could get very frustrating, but Momoa handles it here with aplomb, a great sense of humor, and one very silky smooth scarf. 

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