Jensen Ackles Just Got The Boys Fans Pumped About Soldier Boy's Possible Return In Season 4

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Summer 2022 saw the introduction of Soldier Boy on The Boys, with Jensen Ackles bringing an interesting, if morally horrible. hero to life, complete with an au natural arrival. Fans of both Supernatural and The Boys were in for a treat when Ackles was initially announced as the supe, and now it seems more likely that his suped-up journey isn't quite over yet, as the actor is coyly playing up the idea that he may be returning to chilseled form for the upcoming fourth season.

Just in time for the holidays, Jensen Ackles took to Instagram and posted a newly released featurette from Season 3 of The Boys, in which he and the cast talk up the nefarious Soldier Boy and his decidedly unprogressive ways. But it's what Ackles put in the caption of the post for his Christmas wish that sparked hope in the fandom.

Much of what will happen in Season 4 of the Amazon Prime series is unknown, and that includes whether or not Jensen Ackles will return as the villainous hero. While nothing is confirmed, it does look like the Supernatural alum is more than willing to return to Eric Kripke & Co. in whatever way that may be. And fans would definitely want that to happen, even if it might mean a bunch of other characters getting all exploded as a result.

Since Jensen Ackles is now on Big Sky, his schedule may be a bit tight, but maybe his Christmas wish will come true if schedules can align just so. Even if it's just so he's able to appear with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as the Walking Dead star is joining the cast for Season 4 in some way. A reunion between the two Winchester gents would definitely makethe wait for the 2023 premiere worth it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t the only Supernatural alum cast in Season 4 of The Boys. Rob Benedict, whom many fans know as God/Chuck on the long-running CW series, was recently announced to be appearing on the upcoming season in an undisclosed role. (Everything's a secret.) So it would be even better if Ackles were to suit up again and reunite with not one, but two (for now) Supernatural vets! Again, might not bode well for them, because of the whole Soldier Boy being a monster thing, but still.

Meanwhile, even without The Boys, or Big Sky, Jensen Ackles is staying plenty busy. Keeping the Supernatural mythology and legacy alive, he is making sure fans of The Winchesters are staying pumped for the prequel series, despite getting bad news from The CW that there will be no back episodes ordered, and that the first season is staying at 13 episodes due to cutbacks tied to the Nexstar Media takeover. Renewal chances are unknown, but that’s probably a Christmas wish for everyone in that cast.

A premiere date has yet to be announced for the fourth season of The Boys, but fans of the superhero series can still get their fix with the upcoming college spin-off, Gen V, which is also expected to be part of the 2023 TV schedule. It also, not surprisingly, stars Supernatural alum Alexander Calvert. Either way, there will be a way to get both The Boys and SPN

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