Black Panther 2: Kevin Feige Responds To Wakanda Forever’s Oscars Chances

Shuri holding T'Challa's helmet in Black Panther 2
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Black Panther was a watershed moment for the MCU, and superhero films in general, when it became the first one to receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination. While the Marvel film didn’t win the award, it took home other trophies. So, of course, its sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, would be in the Oscar conversation before the film hits theaters. Those talks are expected at this time of year, as awards season is on the horizon. With Oscar buzz building, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige responded to Black Panther 2’s chances at Academy Award glory.

The Black Panther sequel is only weeks away from its release date, so Kevin Feige has been promoting the film along with the cast. The “O” word was bound to come up as the Marvel head honcho spoke with Total Film (via The conversation turned to awards season when speaking on the superhero film potentially nabbing an Oscar. After losing the big award last time, Feige wasn’t sure if the sequel would receive any love from the AMPAS come nomination time. In his words:

I'm not the kind to predict what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will do with their precious votes. I don't know. I do know that Ryan and the entire team approached this movie just like they approached the first one, which is: how do we make the best experience possible for the audience? And how do we make the best experience that people will want to repeat again and again? That was the driving motivation. And something that is an incredible tribute to the legacy of Chadwick. This one rides a fine line of a real-life tribute and yet continuing the fictional narrative and the hope and – I just keep going back to that word – optimism that Wakanda always represents.

Black Panther missing out on the Best Picture Oscar made Feige sheepish about the sequel’s Oscar chances. He's spoken about the MCU's struggle to land Oscar noms before. The first film did snatch three Oscars, including costume designer Ruth E. Carter’s historic best Costume Design win. The Academy Awards may give Marvel a second shoot at Best Picture and other noms depending on Black Panther 2’s reception. Of course, it will face stiff competition from buzzy films, like The Woman King and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Feige seemed less worried about scoring Oscar nominations and more about the stories and characters connecting with the audience. The Oscars are the furthest thing from his mind as he combats the T’Challa recast outcry. He wanted to make sure the film will be enjoyable for Marvel fans while keeping in line with Ryan Coogler’s vision.

The blockbuster sequel may get a real chance to score a nomination if the rumored Rihanna song is true. The reported song could be a Best Song contender for the Wakanda Forever following Kendrick Lamar’s massive hit “All the Stars.” But she would have to hold off fellow pop stars Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga if the speculation is real.

Even if the Oscars don’t come knocking, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to be a major win for Marvel. The sequel will arrive in movie theaters on November 11. The film marks the end of Phase Four, as upcoming Marvel movies will bring forth Phase Five, starting with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania arriving in theaters on February 17, 2023. Check out what upcoming movies are premiering in 2022 in the meantime.

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