Deadpool 3 Director On How He Plans To Balance Stranger Things With The Ryan Reynolds Sequel

Finn Wolfhard on Netflix's Stranger Things and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2
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Deadpool 3 is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While MCU fans are amped for their third outing with the Merc with a Mouth, another fanbase may have different feelings. Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy is helming the flick, so devotees of the show may be wary of his involvement moving forward. Usually, Levy directs two episodes per season and, this time around, the series will start production while he’s directing the superhero movie. But as the director notes, neither group of fans have anything to worry about.

The Free Guy director is getting ahead of things by assuring the masses that he will still direct during the series’ fifth and final season. Before signing on for the MCU film, he made it very clear to Ryan Reynolds and Marvel that the show is still a priority for him. That said, things might be different as the filmmaker revealed to Collider how the overlapping shoots for Deadpool 3 and the hit sci-fi series will affect his availability for the latter:

In fact, one of the first conversations I had with Ryan Reynolds and Marvel when we started talking about Deadpool was the fact that it was inevitably going to overlap in some way and at some point, with the final season of Stranger Things. And it is really important to me to direct at least one episode in the last season. Part of why I feel so close to the Duffers and our cast is that I’ve been lucky to be involved directorially, which is a unique connection and creative intimacy. Anyway, it’s very much my intention to direct at least one episode of Stranger Things 5, and everyone involved is being really supportive and collaborative in figuring out the scheduling aspects of how I can do that.

It's good to hear that both Marvel and Netflix are supportive of how he's approaching his busy schedule. Of course, as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand directors, he is used to balancing multiple professional obligations. Years ago, he split his time between directing Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows and big-budget comedies like Big Fat Liar and Cheaper by the Dozen. Even during Stranger Things’ first four seasons, Levy produced films like Arrival and The Darkest Minds. All in all, he seems to be a master of multitasking.

Shawn Levy, who also has a Star Wars flick on his to-do list, had MCU fans excited about the second Deadpool sequel after giving them a nice update on the inclusion of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Fans are greatly anticipating the film, and Jackman is already talking smack about Reynolds ahead of principal photography. The star explained how Ryan Reynolds’ pleas for him to reprise Wolverine pushed him to return. And even before the Deadpool star’s call, the Logan star was tempted to play Wolvie once more after seeing the original Wade Wilson film. I'm sure Shawn Levy, like Reynolds, is very happy that the star signed on to return

Considering Shawn Levy's track record, it's fair to assume that he has something special planned with Deadpool 3, and it should entertain both Marvel and Stranger Things fans. The movie will hit theaters on November 8, 2024 as part of Marvel’s slate of upcoming movies, specifically Phase 5. Stranger Things Season 5, meanwhile, won’t premiere on Netflix for quite some time, and production starts in mid-2023.

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