Hugh Jackman Is Officially Getting Into Wolverine Shape For Deadpool 3, See How He’s Prepping

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine
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It's no secret that superhero movies are everywhere, as the genre has been dominating the entertainment industry for over a decade. And for many actors who get these high profile jobs, that means you have to get into superheroic shape. Hugh Jackman knows this all too well, as he was playing Wolverine before shared universes became commonplace. Looks like Jackman is officially getting into Wolverine shape for Deadpool 3, and we can see how he’s prepping.

Hugh Jackman basically broke the internet when it as revealed that he was coming out of retirement as Wolverine and starring opposite his frenemy Ryan Reynolds in the developing Deadpool 3 movie. While he's been busy starring in The Music Man on Broadway, the Logan prep has definitely begun, which includes eating a ton of calories. Case in point: the meal prep photo that Jackman shared on Instagram:

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There you have it. Hugh Jackman is officially on his journey to become everyone's favorite clawed X-Man, which will doubt include countless hours at the gym. But exercising isn't enough, the Oscar-nominated actor needs to fuel his body with a ton of calories to properly build muscle. We'll just have to see how much weight he puts on for the highly anticipated upcoming Marvel movie. After all, he's known for getting absolutely ripped during his long tenure as Wolverine. 

The comments section of Hugh Jackman's food prep post is filled with folks weighing in on his journey to get back to Wolverine. Many are hyped about seeing Logan back on the big screen, although the sheer amount of food is definitely turning some heads, who are making their voices known. Who new food prep was such a hot button issue? 

Hugh Jackman concluded his run in The Music Man on Broadway back in January, which no doubt freed up his schedule to focus on Deadpool 3 prep. Ryan Reynolds and company have been keeping their cards close to the chest regarding what the upcoming threequel will contain, but the movie is definitely coming together. Case in point: The Crown's Emma Corrin has been cast as the undisclosed villain.

Anticipation for Deadpool 3 is at a fever pitch, and not only because Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine (although that's definitely helping). Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox made way for Deadpool and the X-Men to finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as such, Shan Levy's blockbuster could be a game changer for the franchise as a whole.

Indeed, the mutants' entrance in the MCU has been teased a number of times throughout Phase Four, including the finale of Ms. Marvel. Add in Patrick Stewart's role as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2, and fans are ready for the X-Men to finally join in a significant way. We'll just have to see how Deadpool 3 ties into all of this.

Deadpool 3 will hit theaters November 8th, 2024. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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