5 Marvel Characters Daisy Edgar-Jones Would Be Perfect To Play

Daisy Edgar Jones in Fresh.
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If you have had the pleasure of watching the Hulu original thriller, Fresh, I would not be surprised if the reason you decided to check it out in the first place was Sebastian Stan. However, in addition to his stellar, often spine-tingling performance (which features a memorable dance with a butcher knife at one point), I have little doubt that what kept you watching was the equally electrifying and talented Daisy Edgar-Jones. I also would not hold against you if, as you were watching her share the screen with the Winter Soldier, you wondered when she might get her chance to star in any upcoming Marvel movies.

If my predictive senses do not deceive me, the British actress (also known for other movies and TV shows like BBC and Hulu’s romantic series, Normal People, and the upcoming drama, Where the Crawdads Sing) is quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed and adored stars of her generation. Usually, by that point in an up-and-coming actor’s career, the folks at Marvel Studios have already had their eye on them so, by that logic, Edgar-Jones could very likely be next in line to appear in some new superhero movies of her own. In preparation for that moment, we have selected a few Marvel characters she seems like ideal choice to play, staring with one who would allow her to reunite with her Fresh co-star.

Gail Richards from Marvel Comics

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Gail Richards

Without giving too much away about her recent horror flick (although, if you do not mind spoilers, check out our breakdown of the Fresh ending), Sebastian Stan’s character turns out to be the last person you would want to be set up on a date with. However, before the shocking reveal of his true intentions (and even in a few instances afterward), he and Daisy Edgar-Jones exhibit a profoundly convincing romantic chemistry that you will find yourself falling head over heels for.

In an attempt to see this chemistry carry over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I had the idea of casting Edgar-Jones as Gail Richards, who would become romantically involved (and even have children) with James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes after her previous fiancé, Steve Rogers, was presumed dead. This romance, however, occurs in the Earth-1610 continuity of the Marvel Multiverse, meaning it would require a few creative liberties if adapted for the MCU. On the other hand, it might make for an interesting future episode of What If…? on Disney+.

Angela, Queen of Hel, from Marvel Comics

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Angela, Queen Of Hel

While there is far less (to zero) chance of there being any romantic connections between she Bucky Barnes, I have another character for Daisy Edgar-Jones in mind that does, however, have a better shot at being part of the main MCU continuity. Not to mention, she is simply a badass who deserves to get a live-action debut soon and I believe any actress would be honored to play her.

Originating from Norse mythology before initially making her comic book debut in Image’s Spawn series, Aldrif Odinsdottir (who also goes by Angela, Queen of Hel) is, as her name suggests, the daughter of Odin. She has worked as an assassin, once become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and, more recently in the comics, was part of an elite team called Strikeforce, which is where her connection to the Winter Soldier comes from. Other members of this crew are a part of the MCU (such as Monica Rambeau) or soon will be (such as Blade), meaning this team-up already has a lot of potential.

Lilith Drake from Marvel

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Lilith Drake

Because her performance in Fresh was so unique and authentic, I really do hope that we see Daisy Edgar-Jones appear in more upcoming horror movies in the future. Actually, a good place for her to own her growing Scream Queen status would be the MCU, considering all of the spookier stories the franchise is beginning to incorporate - from the aforementioned Blade reboot with Mahershala Ali to the Disney+ exclusive Halloween special about Werewolf by Night. I think that, if the actress were cast as a horror-centric Marvel character, she would be a great fit for playing a descendent of one of the most iconic horror figures of all time.

Lilith Drake is the Marvel Comics interpretation of Dracula’s own daughter, who is a living vampire similar to Jared Leto’s titular, anti-heroic character in Sony’s Morbius - but without having abilities of a scientific origin, however. Also, unlike Michael Morbius, Lilith has been on a pretty straight and narrow path of heroism, mostly out of an undying hate for her father, which led her to eventually be recruited onto the Howling Commandos - a special S.H.I.E.L.D. unit consisting primarily of supernatural beings. Why THAT group does not have its own movie already is something I do not understand.

Supergiant from Marvel Comics

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It is worth noting that Fresh was not actually Daisy Edgar-Jones’ first taste (no pun intended, believe it or not) of the horror genre. In fact, she also crossed “science fiction/fantasy” off of her bucket list at the same time when she was cast on Epix’s modernized series adaptation of H.G. Wells’ revolutionary novel, The War of the Worlds, in 2019. After two seasons of rebelling against aliens, maybe it is time that she walked a mile in her enemy’s shoes with some help from the folks at Marvel Studios?

I have one idea of an out of this world Marvel character who would also give Edgar-Jones the chance to really let out her bad side. Not to mention, Supergiant is one of the few members of the Black Order who did not assist Thanos (Josh Brolin) in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. That is likely because this telepath - who can psychically possess multiple people of any race or species, phase through any kind of object, and is immune to any and all forms of physical damage - is just too powerful to take a backseat to anybody, which is why I think she would make a wonderful choice as the main villain in a future cosmic adventure.

Hepzibah from Marvel Comics

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On the other hand, maybe Daisy Edgar-Jones would prefer not to play a villain for her comic book debut, which I can understand. If the War of the Worlds star was still interested in going the extra-terrestrial route, though, I think I have a perfect suggestion for a “good” alien she could play.

Because her birth name is unpronounceable in the English language, this Mephitisoid goes by the Hebrew name Hepzibah. She serves as a member of the crew of space pirates known as the Starjammers, whom I think would absolutely fill in the future void left by the Guardians of the Galaxy when their story wraps up. Hepzibah has also fought alongside the X-Men in some instances, so the possibilities of where she could pop up in the franchise are pretty wide open.

In fact, the possibilities of what Daisy Edgar-Jones could do next in her blossoming career are pretty endless for someone as talented as she is. Thus, whether she does end up joining the MCU or even decides that the DC movies might be more her thing, I have little doubt she will give us an extraordinary portrayal.

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